100 days as Gaza war hostages: “Bring them home” campaign in Vienna

The Israeli community organized a solidarity campaign in front of the Vienna State Opera: for more than 100 hostages held hostage by Hamas for 100 days. Many celebrities supported the release of the hostages. Parliament was also illuminated.

Posters with photos of 115 Israeli hostages, ranging from four-year-olds to pensioners, who have been held hostage by Hamas for exactly 100 days, were displayed by Israeli cultural activists in front of the Vienna State Opera on Sunday afternoon. Community (IKG).

Many celebrities such as Castle actor Cornelius Obonia, actress Katharina Stemberger, writer Doran Rabinovici and former IKG president Ariel Musikand also took part in the solidarity campaign. A light installation with the slogan “Bring them home” was installed at the State Opera.


“Several hostages, including women, children and the elderly, were abducted by the terrorist outfit on October 7. They must be released as soon as possible,” Oponya said. “I have a 22-year-old daughter who loves going to music festivals. “The thought that she could be abducted and tortured by terrorists is terrifying,” said Stemberger. “That's why I'm here today demonstrating for the release of all the hostages taken by Hamas.”

“Having women and children hostage for jihad is unacceptable,” said Rabinovici, who demonstrated in Israel last December to demand the release of 136 more hostages in the Gaza Strip. “Israeli civil society worked to protect democracy in Israel until October 6th, and now it is doing the same for the hostages kidnapped by Hamas.”

“The World's Inhumane Terrorist Organization”

Israel's ambassador to Austria, David Rode, explained that the IKG initiative was intended to “raise awareness of the dire situation of the hostages.” “These people are being held captive in horrible conditions by Hamas, the most inhumane terrorist organization the world has ever seen. They are tortured, sexually abused, beaten and starved. We finally have to bring them home.” Rod rejected accusations that the Israeli government did not see rescuing the hostages as its first priority. “Prime Minister Netanyahu promised to free the hostages yesterday. Hamas cannot be allowed to continue to rule the Gaza Strip with its genocide-based ideology.” Israel's government is also ready for a new ceasefire to free the hostages.

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Former IKG chief Ariel Musikant called for more solidarity with the hostages. “I wonder why the hostages are generally left unmentioned when humanitarian measures are now being demanded for the population of Gaza.” A dozen Israeli soldiers have already been killed trying to free the hostages, said Muzikanth, currently interim president of the European Jewish Union Congress. (EJC).

Nicolas Kunrath, a member of the Green Vienna city council and state parliament who took part in the protest, criticized that “Netanyahu did not make the release of the hostages a primary goal”. “The killing of civilians in Gaza must also stop.”

Parliament was also lit up on Sunday evening: “100 Days of Captivity” was projected in blue letters over the building, and “Bring them home now”. (APA)

The hostages were commemorated in front of the Austrian parliament.Newspaper

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