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The 41st Vienna City Marathon (VCM) is taking place today. 35,000 runners participate in a marathon, half marathon or relay. The start is traditionally at 9 am in Reichsbrück.

The weather is expected to be cool. Starting at 9 a.m. it's about five degrees, and the temperature rises to about eight degrees at midday. North wind blowing at 40 km/h. However, the conditions of the marathon should be suitable for allergy sufferers. Due to the very warm weather, some major allergens have started to bloom and are already in full bloom, according to Meduni Vienna's Vienna Pollen Service.

Don't forget to celebrate during the marathon. The last kilometer and the finish area near the Town Hall or Burktheater becomes the “Hero Zone” where the athletes are again especially cheered on.

Tea for hypothermia

The Red Cross wants to ensure a medically problem-free marathon with 300 people and 30 vehicles, said Vienna State Rescue Commander Michael Sartori. “However, most participants are well aware of their physical condition,” Sartori said confidently. Based on the experiences of the last few years, around 500 medical interventions can be expected, the rescue commander said. “But everything is there – from a blister on the leg to a collapse,” he explained. “A number of people generally have few medical problems.”

About 2,000 liters or 8,000 portions of tea were also given to about 35,000 participants for possible post-run hypothermia. “We offer it at the finish area because the weather forecast prevents runners from doing what they want and the organizers use about 300 folders to prevent runners from hypothermia quickly.”

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Major restrictions on transportation

Massive closures and traffic diversions are expected during the marathon. The ring section between Stadiongasse and Schottengasse has been closed since Friday evening. During the marathon, the entire route, which is more than 42 kilometers long, will be closed in sections from the start of the Vienna International Center in Vienna-Donastadt to the end at the Burgtheater in the city center. However, there are 33 points where you can cross part or all of the route.

However, traveling by subway is recommended. Tram lines 1, 2, 71 and D will be rescheduled from the start of operations on Saturday until 8pm on Sunday. Additionally, U2Z will not operate during this period. A further 24 bus and tram routes will be reduced or diverted on Sunday. The Radio Vienna Traffic editorial team provides information on current closures.

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