6. International Gitarrenfestival LA GUITARRA ERL

Alegria! – It is joy in life, it is music, the reflection of the soul and the expression of deep feelings. Under this motto, the 6th La Guitarra Earle Festival from August 15 to 17 is about musical joie de vivre: passionate and touching, powerful and cosmopolitan. With “Alegria”, renowned musicians and artists from different countries and cultures create a variety of timbres and styles and transport the audience to their own musical worlds full of emotions, devotion and affirmations of life.

La Guitarra Earl opens August 15th with a spectacular solo concert by fingerstyle hero and 2024 Grammy winner Tommy Emmanuel. With his unique style on the acoustic guitar, his talent and charisma, the exceptional Australian guitarist amazes and inspires the world over. When Tommy Emmanuel plays guitar, his music combines musical influences from country, folk, blues, jazz, African and American styles to Spanish and classical elements, but also impresses with his breathtaking playing technique.

A concert evening on August 16 with Julia Malyshnik's program is fully in line with the festival motto. You can expect a musical-dance masterpiece with an exciting line-up of international and national musicians and dancers. Renowned Carinthian artist Harald Schreiber will bring the visual arts to the stage – he will design an impressive set design.

On August 17th, the participants of the guitar workshop JUNGE MEISTERKLASSE under the guidance of guitar teacher Stephan Höglin and the guitar students from the Tyrolean State Conservatory from Daniel Müller's class will present themselves at the Impulse concert of LA GUITERRA NEXT GCENERTA. Festspielhaus.

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Following tomorrow's Young Stars and Masters concert, this summer's flamenco highlight will take place: five-time Latin Grammy winner TOMATITO, one of the greatest guitarists of our time. He is a flamenco stylist full of talent and thrilling innovation, combining traditional flamenco with jazz, rock, blues and bossa nova. With his equally famous son José del Tomate on guitar and great singing, percussion and dancing, the audience can expect a spectacular flamenco night for all senses: traditional and very modern at the same time.

“In a time of many crises, with ¡ALEGRÍA! Julia Malyshnik says, “We chose the life-affirming motto because music has the power to inspire us, motivate us and strengthen our courage to face life. Let's look forward to a musical summer full of joy of life. Viva la alegría!”

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