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Two employees of the district administration (PH) Wiedhofen an der Thaya have been charged with abuse of office.

The Krems Public Prosecutor's Office is investigating a case involving a mother who allegedly tortured her son and locked him in a dog crate against two employees of the district administration (PH) of Wythofen an der Daya. Frans Hutter, a spokesman for the authority, said on Thursday that there was a suspicion of abuse of power. According to APA, these two social workers have been assigned to the case.

According to Hooter, two people are listed as defendants. A spokesman for Krems' state attorney's office did not provide additional details.

Now the accused – a man and a woman – were questioned as witnesses as part of a jury trial in Krems Regional Court at the end of February. After two reports of danger, Child and Youth Services made unannounced home visits to mother and son on October 28 and November 18, 2022 (four days before the boy fell into a coma). Initially both were social workers, but in the second appointment, Wythofen ad Daya, a leading employee of the district administration, appeared alone, according to reports. Although he found abnormalities, he saw no reason to call for immediate danger action.

“Totally inadequate” is the answer

After the case became known in 2023, the Child and Youth Welfare Service insisted that an immediate review of internal processes showed that “all legal and technical requirements were adhered to”. Due to the details revealed during the court hearing, the government ordered a retrial of the case. The technical supervisory authority must inquire whether “all legal and professional standards” have been observed. This exam was recently concluded.

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Victim lawyer Timo Ruisinger asserted official liability claims against the state of Lower Austria out of court in mid-April. A letter demanded compensation of 150,000 euros and liability for all future damages to the boy. The government can comment on this within three months. Ruisinger based his claims on the fact that the relevant staff at BH Waidhofen an der Thaya responded to the boy's dramatic and life-threatening situation “wholly inadequately, thus unlawfully and criminally”.

The boy is in critical condition

This is also the reason for last year's expert panel meeting. A related commission report containing seven general recommendations was submitted in early March. Specific facts are not dealt with.

The incident created a stir across the national border. The 33-year-old mother allegedly beat, bound, gagged and repeatedly locked her son in a kennel for hours. On November 22, 2022, the child was in critical, life-threatening condition. The twelve-year-old boy survived thanks to the intervention of a social worker known to the family through counseling. The Waldviertler woman's ex-boyfriend allegedly acted as an accomplice to the child's mother.

Mother jailed for 20 years

The 33-year-old received a 20-year sentence for attempted murder, torture or neglect, minor, minor or defenseless and deprivation of liberty in a jury trial. His ex-girlfriend was sentenced to 14 years in prison for continued violence as a contributor or intended perpetrator. In both cases, they were ordered to be placed in a forensic treatment center. Both rulings are not final as lawyers for both sides have appealed. (APA)

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