A “cloning tool” was used to manipulate Kate's photo

Here's what an image-editing expert has to say about the Photoshop errors in Princess Kate's new photo.

From Sunday one Princess Kate There are many inconsistencies in the published photo, which is why it has been retracted by several international news agencies due to suspicions of manipulation.

The photo is the first official photo since her stomach surgery in March. But the photo agencies that distributed the photo soon appealed: “Remove this image.” The image was found to have been edited by the source as it contained some significant inconsistencies.

What Image Editing Expert Says About Kate Photo

Lee Walton, an image editing expert, suspects that a so-called “cloning tool” may have been used to edit the image. Image wise”“All features that indicate 'enhanced' using the so-called Adobe Photoshop cloning tool,” Walton writes in an article. Daily Mail Definitely. He therefore did not consider that the family photograph was intended to deceive the public.

“I'm afraid the reason we see it so clearly is because it's done so amateurishly,” Walton summarizes. “A clone tool or clone stamp lets you copy any part of an image and reproduce it elsewhere, allowing you to insert and remove details with a few mouse clicks.”

“Charlotte's knee is particularly clear to see that someone tried to fix something – maybe her tights were a bit baggy or dirty. But it was blurry and without a hard edge,” said the image editing expert.

Another great example of “how easy it is to go wrong” is the discrepancy in Lewis's sweater.

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“The design of his right hand is broken, and there should be two vertical lines,” notes Walton. “The kit has a variety of 'brushes' that you can use with hard or soft edges, and you can tell from her hair and her hands that the Princess of Wales mainly likes soft brushes. Decided.”

Kate apologizes for the photoshop glitch

Kate has officially apologized for the Photoshop glitch. “Like many amateur photographers, I sometimes experiment with image editing,” explained the wife of the heir to the British throne. Prince William on the online service X on Monday. He wanted to “apologise for any confusion” the photo was released by the royal family on Sunday.

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