A three-year-old child who disappeared in Germany has reappeared

The child was in a park with his aunt. There the woman lost sight of her daughter-in-law. Now the girl was found in an apartment. A 70-year-old man has been arrested.

A three-year-old child who went missing on Friday evening in Cologne, Germany, resurfaced on Saturday morning. A spokesperson for the authorities said the girl is in police custody and is doing well. According to police, it was allegedly in an apartment building. The police found the girl there in the morning. A police spokesperson said investigations are currently underway into how the girl got there after she went missing on Friday evening.

The child is not alone in the apartment. “The investigation must show whether the offenses were committed to cause harm to the girl child,” it said. One thing is certain: the 70-year-old man was arrested. The man will be questioned and his apartment will be examined for forensic purposes, police said Saturday.

According to the police, the child was out with his aunt in a park on Friday evening. There the woman lost sight of her daughter-in-law. Police were looking for a three-year-old boy in large numbers.

The case was initially reminiscent of a missing child in the German state of Lower Saxony. Six-year-old Arian went missing there on April 22. Police believe the autistic boy ran away from home. Search efforts have so far been unsuccessful. (APA/dpa/Red.)

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