Actress Ruth Maria Kubitschek has died

He has designed German-language television for many years. He was in the ZDF “Dream Ship”, starred in the ARD series “Tattert” or “The Legacy of the Gultenburgs”. Bayerischer Rundfunk achieved cult status as “Spatzl” alongside Helmut Fischer in the TV series “Monaco France – The Eternal Stains”.

Ruth Maria Kubitschek, who lived in Switzerland for over 25 years, was born in 1931 in Komota (now the Czech Republic), on the edge of the Ore Mountains. At the end of World War II, the family fled to Saxony-Anhalt. Ruth Maria resisted the urge to be on stage against her parents’ wishes. After attending drama schools in Halle and Weimar, she made her debut in Halle as Fina in Brecht’s “Herr Bundila and his Servant Matty”. Within a few years he became a star of GDR television and DEFA films.

But the young woman wanted more. “I went to all the cultural authorities and explained that I wanted to play different roles than what is possible in this country,” he told “Welt” in an interview. She repeatedly denies this. In 1959 he moved to the West with his son. Her husband, the opera and theater director Kotz Friedrich, remained in the GDR but was allowed to perform in the West.

Kubitschek’s West German career began at the Schlosstheater in Celle. He was supported by the great Austrian dramatist Fritz Gortner. Roles in television productions soon followed – appearing in the title role in “Lysistrata” (1961), “Die Baunspande” (1973) and “Melissa” (1966). However, his role as “Spatzl” in the ARD cult series “Monaco Franze – The Eternal Stenz” directed by Helmut Dietl remains unforgettable. One of the funniest episodes in German TV history is the way she generously excuses her busybody TV husband Franz Münsinger (played by Helmut Fischer) for every escapade.

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In 1985, he filmed the cult series “Gir Royale” with Dietel, which satirized the chic society of Munich. Until her retirement in 2014, Kubitschek was a regular on television — ratings like “Friends for Life,” “Kathryn is the Best,” “Devilishly Strong Woman” and “The Goldenbergs’ Legacy” underscored her popularity. In 2013 she played her last role in the film “Frau Ella”.

An avid gardener and painter, an accomplished novelist and non-fiction writer (“In the Flow of Life” and “Growing Beautiful”), he found happiness in Switzerland. He went natural in 2013. After living on the Swiss side of Lake Constance for several years, he moved to Ascona in 2022.

He died at the hospital, his spokeswoman Yvonne Van Stempel told dpa. Her last words: “Earth has given me a beautiful home in this world. With deep gratitude I go to the other world. They exist, you can trust me.” The funeral should take place in a close family circle.

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