Adobe Sora works for competitors and offers money…

Adobe doesn't want to move from the video AI field to OpenAI. Unlike Sora, Adobe's AI is trained with purchased content. Photographers and artists earn up to three dollars per minute for videos.

OpenAI has already managed to send the tech world into turmoil once. But the race for ChatGPT should never happen again. With Sora, OpenAI's video AI, the next surge in Silicon Valley is already imminent. Adobe wants to resist this. The provider, known for its photo editing program, now offers a fee for training materials, unlike OpenAI.

Adobe needs suitable material to populate training databases for AI. Simply because of not using the internet; Or at the very least, Adobe pays its network of photographers and artists for videos of people in everyday situations. They earn three dollars per minute, up to a maximum of $120 per video.

Over the past year, Adobe has focused on adding generative AI capabilities to its portfolio of software for creative professionals, including Photoshop and Illustrator. The company has released tools that use text to create images and charts that have been used billions of times so far.

However, OpenAI's demonstration of Sora's video creation model has raised fears among investors that the longtime creative software leader could be overwhelmed by the new technology. Adobe has said it is working on video creation technology and plans to say more about it later this year.

Adobe listens to over 100 short clips showing the actions and emotions of people and simple anatomical views of legs, hands or eyes. The company also asks for videos of people “interacting with things” like smartphones or exercise equipment. The company warns against posting copyrighted material, nudity or other “objectionable content”.

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Adobe prefers its own content for AI

This list highlights the large amount of data needed to build AI models that support popular content creation products like ChatGPT. There are many debates and controversies about the source of these data. In a viral interview with The Wall Street Journal last month, OpenAI's chief technology officer, Meera Murati, said Google's YouTube and Meta Platforms Inc. That said, it's unclear whether Sora appears in user-generated videos from Facebook and Instagram. Training provided.

Adobe tried to differentiate its models primarily for marketers and creative agencies by training them on its extensive stock media library. In cases where the library is insufficient, Adobe has obtained images directly from vendors. Adobe has compensated for submitting large amounts of photos for AI training, such as: B. Images of bananas or vines. (stone)

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