After 16 years, Carinthia finally has digital radio

Everywhere else has been constant for a good two decades Carinthia Today, Tuesday at 11 am in the news:

Introduction of Digital Funks For emergency systems in the south of the country.


So far it has been in between Police, Fire Brigade, Rescue, Mountain Rescue And other assistants still send analog signals.

This means that rescue workers are involved in major disasters such as severe storms. Area ValleyThey could not communicate directly with each other.

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However, this direct communication is the central advantage of digital radio. It is a radio system that – to put it simply – activates rescuers over the radio on a common authority channel that everyone involved can hear, has the same level of information and has an emergency button in life-threatening situations.

Especially important requirements in an event Disaster are important.

Where it failed

Why has the introduction failed so far?

Especially in the state council responsible for disaster management Daniel Fellner (SPÖ). When the topic of digital radio came up, he always explained: he did not want to invest in an outdated system, but instead found an innovative solution for Carinthia.

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It was understood on Tuesday morning that there was no more talk about it. Fellner and the state governor signed the agreement Peter Kaiser (SPÖ), Deputy State Governor Martin Gruber (ÖVP) and – notably from Vienna – the Minister of the Interior Hegard Garner (ÖVP) has.

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This issue has caused disagreements between Vienna and Carinthia over the past few years. For example, said from Vienna: You can compare the situation to the early 2000s when fax machines were replaced by email inboxes. “No one would think of using a fax machine today.”

As a reminder: In Tyrol, Austria’s first federal state to rely on the technology, digital radio has been used since 2006 – no complaints.

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Aviation Police Construction Site

But digital radio isn’t the only thing on the agenda home Minister. According to the Courier, after being stopped by the state governor, Garner went to the air police.

Since 2020, Interior Ministry pilots have been living in blue construction containers, deployed repeatedly when climbers get into trouble in Großklaagner. The dilapidated air traffic control center was demolished earlier. Nothing happened at Klagenfurt Airport after that.

But now there has been a drastic move in this matter. As already announced, a new base for flying police officers is to be built this year at Klagenfurt, the country’s smallest commercial airport.

So the speculation that the helicopters could be withdrawn from Carinthia to Graz would be history. More details on the plans are expected on Tuesday.

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