After heavy rain: severe flooding in Austria

As of: June 9, 2024 3:15 PM

Heavy rain has caused severe flooding in Austria. In one town in Styria, citizens were asked to stay at home because their lives were at risk. Now the situation has improved a bit.

Heavy rains cause flooding in Austria. The town of Deutschfeistritz in Styria is particularly affected. According to meteorologists, more than 100 liters per square meter fell in the area in a short time. In the town of 4,000 residents north of Graz, a flash flood swept away cars and damaged scores of houses.

“Klein Zeitung” wrote that sometimes the city center can only be reached by boat. A community spokesperson told the newspaper that some drivers were trapped in their vehicles but may have been rescued. Footage shows people trying to get to safety in flooded cars between two houses. Photos showed water pushing cars over the walls of houses.

And pictures show fire brigades already in continuous operation. Streets and railroad tracks were barely visible. All citizens in the area were asked to stay at home due to the danger to life.

Houses cut off from the outside world

Several people were evacuated from Bösebach, broadcaster Ö3 reported on the online service X. As the State Warning Center told APA news agency, the victims’ homes were cut off from the outside world.

The warning center advised people to be careful. Areas affected by heavy rainfall should avoid the banks and foundations of water bodies.

According to the APA report, the support of the armed forces was requested in Burgenland, where the Oberwart district was particularly affected. So this calamity applies to the entire district.

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Roads were closed, nursing homes were evacuated

A landslide hit the highway near Cross. Both lanes were initially closed Sunday due to mud and debris. Also, many trees fell on the roads due to the strong winds. A police spokesman said several roads were still closed.

“Klein Seitung” wrote that the fire brigade had to be sent to more than 800 storm operations around the state capital of Graz. A nursing home in Neuta in Styria was under water and had to be evacuated, an APA disaster control spokesman said. A total of 40 people were brought safely.

Heavy rain and hail on Saturday evening resulted in landslides in Tyrol. In Lower Austria, especially in the south, the police had to be sent in mainly to evict the works.

Some polling booths had to be relocated

Some polling stations for EU elections were also inaccessible or destroyed by severe storms. This applies to polling stations in Styria and several polling stations in the Hartberg-Fürstenfeld district, officials announced this morning. However, responsible mayors acted quickly and changed the polling stations.

The weather on Sunday was initially calm. According to APA, the civil protection alert declared in Deutschfeistritz, Eggersdorf and Nord-Andritz district of Graz was lifted in the morning. No injuries were reported.

According to meteorologists, further thundershowers during the day cannot be ruled out. The risk of severe weather was said to be particularly significant in the Tyrol.

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