“All eyes on Rafa”: AI-generated image goes viral

The image, which shows rows of tents in front of a mountainous landscape, has been shared more than 40 million times on Instagram alone. It is said to be originally from an account in Malaysia.

Snow-capped mountains in the background, rows of tents stretched as far as the eye could see in the foreground. “All eyes on Rafa” is written above it in giant letters and in the shape of tentacles. The image has been shared millions of times, with over 41 million shares on Instagram alone. There is Tiktok and Co. It’s clear that the image is a completely real photo – rather it was created by artificial intelligence (AI).

The short-lived viral image is believed to be the origin of an account in Malaysia called shahv4012, whose stories often include the image, but also an anti-Semitic slogan. From River to Sea”.

The slogan “All eyes on Rafa” goes back to statements by the World Health Organization (WHO) representative for the Palestinian territories, Rick Bieberkorn. With these words in February he warned of the consequences of an Israeli attack on a city full of refugees.

International criticism of Israel’s actions in Rafah has intensified significantly in recent days, following a devastating Israeli airstrike on Sunday evening that killed several people in the refugee camp. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called it an “unfortunate mistake”.

Celebs share “All eyes Rafa” picture

Many pro-Palestinian users shared the image of AI as the celebrity. These include “Bridgerton” star Nicola Coughlan, model Bella Hadid and “Heartstopper” lead actor Kit Connor. The hashtag #AllEyesOnRafah is also trending on X (formerly Twitter). It includes images of Palestinians killed in an Israeli military operation in the city, as well as images of victims of the October 7, 2023 massacre by Islamist Hamas in Israel.

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American-Palestinian pop singer Zach Madari used it in his popular TikTok videos and contributed to the slogan’s popularity.

Recently, online platforms Meta’s Facebook and Instagram have also accused Meta of suppressing content dealing with Elon Musk’s Gaza situation. (APA/dpa/Red.)

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