Alphabet Shares Deep Red: New AI Model Aims to Take Video Analytics to a New Level | 02/15/24

In the race for artificial intelligence software, Google is improving its Gemini technology.

The Internet company on Thursday presented a further improvement, Gemini 1.5, which can, among other things, evaluate longer videos and texts. As a test, the software searched 400 pages of conversations from the Apollo 11 space mission to the moon for funny moments, Google wrote in a blog post. Gemini 1.5 found three of them. After uploading a sketch of a boot without further comment, the software automatically linked it to the moment Neil Armstrong took his first step on the moon.

Google explains that the Gemini 1.5 Pro can capture and analyze up to one hour of video, eleven hours of audio recordings, up to 700,000 words of text, and up to 30,000 lines of software code. The Internet giant competes with, among others, ChatGPT inventor OpenAI, which fueled a hype around AI a year ago. Google recently integrated its apps and services with AI under the brand name Gemini. The Gemini 1.5 model will initially be available to developers and enterprise customers.

Alphabet shares closed down 2.17 percent at $143.94 in NASDAQ trading.


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