An experienced ski tourist has a fatal accident in Hochkoenig

The alpinist fell 400 meters down the steep terrain. A hiker fell on Schoberstein near Attersee.

A 48-year-old man from Pongau area was on a ski trip in the area on Sunday morning Hochkonics To be killed in an accident.

An experienced and well-equipped alpinist accompanied the companions at Birker Chemtstein (2,772 meters) en route. The man fell 200 meters below Chemtstein and 400 meters down a steep and rocky terrain. Mountain Rescue Salzburg with.

Ski tourists and group traveling in the area Martin 10 rescue helicopter They gave first aid to the victim. But the 48-year-old succumbed to his injuries. In addition to the helicopter crew, three Mühlbach mountain rescue teams and the Alpine police were on duty.

Rescue helicopters also in Upper Austria

A hike on the day Schoberstein Inside Steinbach Am Uttersee (Vöcklabruck district), a 47-year-old man from the Linz-Land district was seriously injured on Sunday morning. When Upper Austria was about 580 meters above sea level, a head-sized rock came loose on the hiking trail. The man stumbled, fell ten to 15 meters and lay unconscious on the pavement below.

Several hikers – including trained paramedics and a medical student – helped the man first aid and alerted emergency services. Due to the fog, people stuck in the rope could not be rescued Emergency physician Dropped above the fog line far from the crash site to observe the man. The mountain rescue team then brought him to the valley Rescue helicopter He flew the walker to the hospital.

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