Announcement on New Year's Day: Danish Queen Margrethe abdicates

Danish media described the Queen's announcement as “absolutely historic”. Spontaneous applause broke out among the spectators gathered in the palace square in front of Amalienborg Palace.

Now his eldest son should succeed him. For some time now, Crown Prince Frederik has been seen as a kind of Danish Prince Charles, who will have to wait a long time for his reign. When Queen Margrethe II had to undergo back surgery in the spring, Frederick was already representing the 83-year-old, who now attends appointments himself.

Surgery as a turning point

Back surgery caused the Queen to completely rethink her approach. According to Danish media reports, she stopped smoking after the operation – Margrethe was known for her cigarette consumption for decades.

The heir to the throne, Frederik, has so far been primarily involved in sports: before the Women's Handball World Cup, he promoted the national team, he is a member of the jury for choosing the athlete of the year and is involved in the Royal Run running community. . Frederik recently relied on the help of his eldest son Prince Christian, who turned 18 in October and can now officially represent his father and the Queen.

Reuters/Ritzau Scanpix

Crown Prince Frederick will soon become King

An unconventional queen

Margrethe ascended the throne after the death of her father Frederick IX. Inherited on January 14, 1972. In addition to EU country Denmark, their kingdom also includes Greenland and the tiny Faroe Islands. One who is always bright is popular among people. She is highly educated and also interested in art and literature. He studied political science and architecture not only in Denmark, but also at Cambridge, Great Britain and the Sorbonne in Paris. She is more or less fluent in English, French, Swedish and German.

He is very creative and interested in art, practical and sometimes considered unconventional. This fall, the Netflix movie “Ehrengard” premiered; Rani herself designed the costumes and sets for it. The monarch celebrated her 50th anniversary on the throne by riding an old roller coaster at Copenhagen's Tivoli theme park, as the actual celebrations had to be postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Danish Queen Margaret on a roller coaster ride

APA/AFP/Ritzau Scanpix/Martin Sylvest

Celebrate with a rollercoaster ride

Last year the family feud was openly talked about

Their New Year's Eve speeches are considered essential for Danes: today, the speeches reflect the rapid flow of what has moved Denmark and the world in the past 50 years: from the liberal 1970s to the fall of the Berlin Wall and European integration. Terrorism, Financial Crisis, Facetime and Corona.

Last year he also spoke openly about personal matters, such as a dispute with his youngest son Joachim. Difficulties and disagreements can arise in every family, “including mine. The whole country witnessed this.

Tough family constellation

A few months ago, the Queen announced that four of her eight grandchildren would lose their titles as princes and would no longer be only countesses and countesses. The reason for the royal palace was that it would help Margrethe's youngest son Joachim's four children lead normal lives. The step comes into effect at the beginning of the year.

Joachim's eldest son Nikolai told the media that he was “very sad” to lose the title. Princess Marie, wife of Prince Joachim, said the couple's relationship with Crown Prince Frederik and his wife Marie was “complicated”.

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