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Published on May 17, 2024 at 5:40 pm
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Carinthian Alpine Protection Act: Is the beaver now endangered?

The Carinthian Alpine Protection Act has been in force since May 15, allowing wolves to be shot even if they approach livestock.

Van Manfred Wrussnig

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There have already been violent protests on the part of animal rights activists, and they have once again targeted Deputy Governor Martin Gruber (ÖVP), who had the idea and, according to animal rights activists, is trying to mobilize political change.

Will beavers also become a problem?

“Well, what’s missing is a choir of wolves, howling in the mountain pastures with the song ‘I’m among the mountain farmers,'” commented one employee. Martin Baluch, Association Against Animal Factories (VGT) president quipped. Also: “Gruber Press, which is affiliated with the same organization, provides a number for a crack hotline that you can call if you see or hear a wolf anywhere.” But in addition to the wolf, of which 10 young animals have already been reported to have been successfully killed, the beaver has now moved into the hunting spotlight. Slowly but surely there are more of them in Carinthia. “Although it is argued that a wolf may eat a child, the beaver’s fear is that a tree that has been eaten will fall down and harm people or animals. This also happens when there is a regulation from the Grubber,” says Baluch.

Lack of money for animal protection?

WWF has come up with a few things about beavers, but specifically about regulations for shooting wolves. A 5-minute broadcast says: “The Carinthian regulations on beavers and wolves are illegal for several reasons. First, the regulations provided by the Aarhus Convention have no legal protection. That’s why infringement proceedings are already underway against Austria. Austria risks heavy fines if it doesn’t pay soon. Second, other Shooting should be the last resort, however, because the country does not provide any money for prevention. The farmers are at a loss for many years It has been demonstrated that they want to protect their animals but are unable to do so due to lack of support for herd protection and lack of good monitoring in Carinthia. So it’s unknown how shooting will affect beaver and wolf populations.

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