Art and Antiques in Salzburg

ZFor the 47th time, the art and antiques trade fair Salzburg Easter Festival draws visitors to the Residence. The 40 exhibitors not only show great skills but also have offerings for smaller budgets, such as folk art offerings, which are still carefully maintained here. Most of the exhibitors come from Austria and focus on local art. Florian Kohlhammer (Vienna) hung an entire wall with bronze foil by Georg Klimt, brother of Gustav Klimt. The country's best painters appear everywhere. Econ Schiele's 1917 painting of a woman with plaited hair by Silvia Kovacek of Vienna (€620,000). Vienna-based Wienereuther & Kohlbacher shows Franz West with the deeply funny cooing “Both Purschen vor Ekke” from 1982 (75,000). Art dealer Hieke (Vienna) gives insights into their upcoming show at Broncia Koller-Pinell. Of interest here is Kokoschka's “Lisbon Street View” from 1925, a painting with a long exhibition history (price on request). Tyrolean mountain painter Alphonse Walde may hold the record for image size of the event. Maria Laznik's early works can be seen at the Schütz Art Society in Engelhartzell. A preferred segment of art and antiques is jewelry and jewelers. Ulf Englich (Salzburg) hides a small Easter bunny: on a tie pin from the turn of the century (1600).

Art & Antiquities, Salzburg, Residence, until April 1, entry €15

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