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| 28.01.2024

The new duo head Sebastian Bayer and Christine Hanusch-Linzer rely on “generational talent”. There was a lot of organizing and networking at the New Year's cocktail.

According to its own statements, the IAA has focused more on supporting industry topics such as employer trade, new work and a fair pitch culture over the past two years. For the next period, IAA Presidents Sebastian Bayer and Christine Hanusch-Linzer have now presented a comprehensive “Future of Architecture” which aims to provide members with a useful orienting compass for the transformation of the marcom industry.

The beginning of the new year

At the start of the new year, a framework for “high performance workplaces” was presented, which the advertising and marcom industries could use as a guide to “position themselves together and be seen as an attractive industry of the future”. Seven work areas are addressed around key transformational drivers – such as generational change, AI and organizational culture – with which the IAA offering will focus on:

  1. Flexibility
  2. New leadership
  3. Smart Automation
  4. Future-motivated skills
  5. Personal development
  6. Fair performance
  7. High performance workplaces.

“Questions That Concern Everyone”

“We asked the questions that are on everyone's mind right now: What do we need to do to combine the knowledge transfer of the experienced generation and the dynamics of the younger employees, so that we can really do what defines us, namely high-quality creative performance “If we want to develop the full potential of our employees, it is confidence, self-determination and We hope to combine that with a greater degree of flexibility,” says President Sebastian Bayer.

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“High-performance workplaces are primarily characterized by new quality KPIs that are measured by results and less by resources. This is a very effective and economical lever, but initially requires a focus on leadership and culture that connects generations and cultures,” added co-chair Christine Hanusch-Linzer. Says: “That's why we as the IAA want to set a precedent with a modern leadership concept and now transform ourselves into a shared leadership presidium.”

The Board of the IAA Austrian Chapter was newly elected and now consists of the Presidents: Sebastian Bayer, Scholes & Friends Vienna and Christine Hanusch-Linzer, KHL Management, Karin Sewald-Sihac, Vice President, ÖBB Advertising, Wissim Fehr, President – President, RMS Austria, Ursula Arnold , Mindshare, Oliver Bohm, ORF-Enterprise, Peter Hruby, Google, Caroline Hilker-Bardoch, IPSOS, Mark Kobsa, KDH I Team Farner, Markus Masuran, House of Communication, Eleonore Orgins, PWC and Helmut Skopa, VGN.

Neues Consulting Group

The IAA Advisory Board elected new members in January: Beatrice Cox-Reisenfelder, profile and IAA Area Director Europe, now Chair, with Thomas Brantner of C3 as his deputy. Other team members: Cornelia Absenger, Absenger Media, Birgit Eisinger, Vosslauer Mineralwasser, Martin Biedermann, ORF, Christoph Bösenkopf, Wirz. Andreas Cieslar, Donau Versicherung, Axel Ganster, PR.AG Company, Petra Gramel, Delivery manHelmut Hanusch, VGN, Michael Kindermann, Weischer.Cinema Austria, Ralf Kober, Springer + Jacoby, Susanne Koll, OMD, Maimuna Mosser, IKEA Austria, Google from March 1, 2024, Robin Rumler, Biopharma & Healthcare Schwar-Schwar- Specialist Knehtl , Billa/Rewe Group, Maria Seltner, Hutchison Drei Austria, Franz Solta, Gewista and Andrea Unger-Posch, Ströck Brot.

After the IAA General Assembly, guests celebrated at the invitation of IAA & ORFEnterprise enjoyed a traditional New Year's cocktail and toasted a successful New Year in communications.

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Leadersnet was at the event. There are posts here and here.

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