AUA and Vienna Airport are the biggest beneficiaries

An expensive tool of corporate aid in the Corona era Short time work. By the end of 2022, almost 10 billion euros have been distributed from this topic. The ORF Now the court has struggled to access the list of large receivers. From this it follows Don't And Vienna Airport Two major beneficiaries. Received by AUA 261 million eurosVienna Airport 107 million eurosShow data from ORF “Time in Picture”. But other airlines also received short-term employment benefits.

Short-term job assistance was also provided Eurowings (8.5 million euros) and LadaMotion (1.6 million euros), for example Turkish Airlines (1.2 million), The Emirates (1.1 million) or the Russian one Aeroflot (950,000 euros), according to the ORF “Zeit im Bild” editorial board. Almost 25 million euros went to Vienna International Airport Security Services Ges.mbH

Major recipients include casinos, the State Opera and Swarovski

Other major recipients spread across all sectors of the economy. There was strong support ORFInformation for XXXLutz (42 mio.), Casinos Austria (40 million), Magna and Swarovski (38 million each). In addition to several industrial companies, there are 15 major recipients State Opera (23 mio.).

Companies with gambling licenses in Austria received a total of 75 million euros for short-term work – including Austrian companies Lotteries Around 2.45 million euros in the summer of 2020. Their core business is through the website and always open tobacconists, ORF notes, also pointing out that it availed EUR 4.4 million in short-term job aid.

Short-term job support even if successful

Of the three major telecom companies, only T-Mobile He applied for a short-term job and received 2.6 million euros. According to them, the company made a profit of 97 million euros in the same year ORF “Time in Picture”. From retail chains, Interspar and its subsidiary Maximarkt received 4.5 million euros for 1,000 employees in restaurants. On the other hand, Rev Group (Billa, Penny) received only a few thousand euros.

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In 2022, the Court of Auditors criticized the Corona short-term job offer as being based on constantly changing guidelines and not very transparent. In the first year (March 2020 to March 2021) alone, over 500 million euros have been allocated.

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