Austria – A cold front brings a rainy week in Austria

Rain will start from west on Monday.
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After the high temperatures of the past few days, next week is expected to be cold.

Now the summer heat is over. The weather changes significantly at the beginning of the week, along with the cold. Dense clouds will move in from the west on Monday, with more rain and sometimes heavy rain, Geological Austria reported. Rain provides significant relief to allergy sufferers who react to birch and ash pollen.

From Monday in April, the cold season of summer comes to an end

Thunderstorms are possible on Monday, especially eastwards from Salzburg. It is mostly dry and sometimes sunny until evening, primarily in Lower Carinthia and Southern Styria. Moderate to gusty westerly winds along the front and strong westerly winds at times near thunderstorms. Initial temperatures are generally between eight and 16 degrees, with daily maximums ranging from 16 to 28 degrees from west to southeast.

On Tuesday the sky is cloudy and the rain continues, the rain intensifies in the south and from Upper Carinthia to the industrial district it will often be continuous and sometimes heavy. Snowfall range decreases from 900 to 1,200 meters. Winds are brisk from the west in the west, but light with heavy rain in the east. Initial temperature: three to ten degrees, reaching a daily maximum of eight to 14 degrees.

Expect snow again above the 1,000 meter mark

On Wednesday, dense clouds will prevail over most parts of the country till evening. Chances of sunshine are high in Far East and South East. Along with clouds, rain and showers should be expected along the snow line between 800 and 1,200 meters, especially in the northern part of the Alps from Vorarlberg to Upper Austria and western Lower Austria. The northern edge of the Alps also receives prolonged rainfall. Winds moderate from west to north, gusts of two to eight degrees in the morning in exposed places. The maximum daily temperature ranges from six to 14 degrees.

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Disturbance impacts will cause abundant dense clouds over the entire eastern Alpine region on Thursday, which will bring repeated showers with snowfall ranges from 600 to 1,200 meters. Sometimes drizzle can also mix with rain. Long sunny periods are the exception. Winds are from west to northwest and are moderate to gusty, especially in the Fonne valleys in the south and the Vienna Basin and the eastern edge of the Alps. The initial temperature varies between minus one and plus six degrees. During the day it is between four and 13 degrees inside.

Temperatures will remain cool through Friday

Austria will be under the influence of a low pressure vortex and cold air masses from Northern Europe on Friday. This means that there are repeated thick clouds, especially to the north and north and east of the main Alpine range, bringing rain and showers when the snowfall limit is 1,000 meters. However, in the south and southeast, the sun appears more often and longer. Only the hills here receive short rains. Winds will be weak to moderate from west to north, with early temperatures between minus one and three degrees. During the day it will be between nine and 14 degrees.

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