Babbler on the ÖVP “Austria Plan”: Indifference to the FPÖ

SPÖ boss Andreas Popler once again criticized the “Austria plan” presented yesterday by ÖVP leader and chancellor Karl Nehhammer in the Ö1 lunchtime journal. As in a press conference the day before, Popler saw the “headlines and tone” in the “Guest in the Journal” series as “pandering” to the FPÖ and a “marriage proposal” from the ÖVP for Blue. Black Alliance. Popler positioned himself and the SPÖ as the “only force” that could prevent such a coalition.

A “grassroots election campaign” was announced

The SPÖ leader in particular, the ÖVP, after 37 years of participation in the government for 17 years – interrupted only by the short phase of Herbert Gieglin – at the helm of the Ministry of the Interior, turns its “own failure into a political project” and political demands. It's a “joke”.

Popler sees the SPÖ ready for this year's election campaign: with “thousands of people who want to work”, they will launch a “grassroots election campaign” and present themselves in a more modern form. With a “reform presidency”, Papler promised a future-oriented policy.

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