Belt ideas: Vienna ÖVP proposes “Central Park” in Margareten

After the Greens presented their vision for a new coat of paint for the Vienna Belt, the People's Party also presented their ideas. They wanted to start a citizen participation process and had the idea of ​​creating a Central Park-like parking lot across the route.

Vienna The Vienna Belt is the country's busiest state road and one of the busiest in Europe. It's very important for the city, “but it's not good,” says the ÖVP Vienna boss Carl Mahrer. For this reason, the Vienna People's Party now wants to start a process to collect ideas for renewing the belt. Vienna is a “beautiful city, but not everywhere”, that's why we want to make it a beautiful place to live and offer life, work, leisure and all means of transport.

The project is “not a shot in the arm, but a long process” involving all stakeholders and experts. Hence direct citizen participation in the form of online survey is planned. How this will actually work will emerge in the coming weeks. However, they want to implement the ideas early next year. In Monday's presentation, Mahrer talked about the “project of the century.”

“Innovate instead of concrete”

What will the ÖVP's first visions look like without concrete plans? Principle: “Renovate instead of concrete”. According to a planning spokesperson Elizabeth called out You want to start a political debate: “We want to rehabilitate existing urban areas rather than re-concrete outside on green fields. In our opinion, it is definitely more sustainable. And we definitely need good ideas to reshape the belt,” he says in an interview with

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The aim is to create living space and make the ground floor complex more attractive. Mahr's opinion is that the roofs of houses should be green. Art and health miles should also be created and new, innovative companies should be brought in.

The ÖVP district party leaders from Margareten and Meidling also had their say, Alexander Biach And Lawrence Meyer. About 6,000 people live in the area between Eichenstrasse and Schönbrunner Strasse, Biach said. However, if you reduce the radius to a five-minute walk, then there are even 32,000. “Of course, these people – like all Viennese – have the right to live in a beautiful, relaxing and peaceful environment.” However, only in this section 37 Find the mall. You want to change it.

According to the Ministry of Climate Protection, the noise level averages 75 decibels, which needs to be removed urgently.  |  Photo: Vienna Noise Map/WMA Wolfgang.  Mayor.  Architects

According to Biach, the aim is to create a completely green space where people want to live happily and comfortably – and establish new industries in the ground floor areas. The first concrete vision of the People's Party”Central Park 5.12“, but it says “not in Manhattan, but in Margaretton”. The three lanes in the north and south directions and the basketball cages and green areas in the middle can be used throughout the area. 60,000 Sq.Mt (one and a half times the city park) project will be developed. “A large park area with a series of green areas, water areas, cultural spaces, playgrounds and playgrounds, restaurants,” describes the mayor.

Three lanes each

As before, at least for motorized personal transport Three paths In each direction, BIM lines 6 and 18 continue uninterrupted and cycle lanes are “maintained and expanded”. The mayor emphasized how high the noise level is in the Margaret Belt region: an average of 75 decibels, according to the Ministry of Climate Protection, which needs to be removed urgently. According to estimates, Margaretton Central Park will significantly calm the area.

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Alexander Piach (L.) and Lorenz Meyer, district party leaders of Margareten and Meidling.  |  Photo: Antonio Šećerovic/RMW

Mahrer said they have “no barriers to thinking” and they look forward to further process with citizens and experts. Although the Greens plan (about two lanes in each direction, See below) were not mentioned, they were indirectly criticized because they did not want to take space from passengers. “The first ideas and visions for the Margaretengurtel and the Gaudenzdorfer Belt should be the impetus for the subsequent integration of Vienna,” the VP boss concluded.

In the past year – reported – Office of Planning Councilor started No Sima (SPÖ) launched a call for proposals seeking ideas on how to reshape the area from autumn this year. Keywords such as “design development”, “greening” and “microclimate” are mentioned, but the number of paths should remain the same as at present.

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