Benefit card against “abuse”: pilot region possible in Upper Austria

Draft before the summer – Provincial Councilor Hattmannsdorfer offered a pilot operation in Upper Austria

Asylum seekers must go to Austria Basic maintenance services In the future, you will receive benefits on the kind card, as in the regions of Bavaria and Hamburg in Germany. Payment card Already training. Home Minister Hegard Garner And this Upper Austrian Unification Regional Councilor Wolfgang Hodmannsdorfer (both ÖVP) spoke in Linz about the design of such a map and a possible pilot area in Upper Austria.

Garner and Hattmannsdorfer specifically see the benefits LIMITATION OF REQUIRED SERVICES And this Possible exclusion of benefits in home country A press release on Monday said the transfer would be required.

This is what the card should do The system was simplified and asylum abuse was reduced Aug. At a conference of refugee speakers in June, Garner announced that a proposal for a “practical, simple and cost-effective benefit-type card” would be on the table.

Austria's help should not be misused and should be emphasized Governor of Upper Austria Thomas Stelzer (ÖVP). “Therefore, following the example of Germany and especially Bavaria, where the card is already being used on a pilot basis,” Austria should have a benefit-type card for asylum seekers, Hattmannsdorfer offered a pilot region in his federation. condition.

But what are the benefits that asylum seekers abuse in every case?

Services for people in organized shelters

  • EUR 40 pocket money per month
  • Full board with 3 meals a day or
  • Meal allowance for self-catering up to EUR 7 per day, depending on the federal state

Cash benefits to private residents

  • The rent subsidy for individuals is a maximum of EUR 165 per month
  • Rent subsidy for families up to EUR 330 per month
  • Meal allowance for adults and unaccompanied minors is a maximum of EUR 260 per person per month
  • Alimony for minors. EUR 145 per person per month
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Vouchers are usually given for clothing and school supplies.

After the interior ministry's preliminary work, preliminary results could be obtained that could be incorporated into a plan for the whole of Austria, starting with the pilot regions before the speakers' conference in June, his office said. . The scheme is operational in a couple of districts. Upper Austria is better because of its proximity to Bavaria and good interchange.

Officials of the State Ministry of Bavaria – located in Bavaria vier Pilotregionen Released the first prototype of the payment card – presented their card to the experts of the Ministry of Home Affairs when the partial operation started on March 20. Key Data: No transfers can be made and usually no cash withdrawals (up to a maximum of 50 euros). Can shop in supermarkets or clothing stores, exclusive dealer groups such as gambling.

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