Best Bookmark Apps for iOS and Android

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Although bookmark synchronization is standard in modern browsers, it suffers on smartphones Clarity. Bookmark apps can help here and provide additional features.

We provide these to you applications Before:

  • iOS and Android
  • Packet: iOS and Android
  • Instapaper: iOS and Android
  • Omnivore: iOS and Android
  • Anybox: iOS

If you're looking for a simple and at the same time visually appealing bookmark manager, you'll feel right at home with Application puts value system, Text search And Archiving. Our collection can be managed through a simple dashboard that we can customize to our liking. in a form list You can create groups like “Work”, “Craft” or “Read Later”.

These groups can be supplemented by subgroups. We can add our bookmarks in all levels. Content can be inserted directly via copy and paste or modified from the context menu in browsers. stores content so that it can be read even if a website already exists Disappeared from the internet There is

In addition, thanks to full-text search, you can search all saved web pages, not just their titles. By Synchronization Content can also be accessed on other devices. is comprehensive in the free version. Features like Full text search And storing websites requires a subscription from 32.40 euros per year. is free iOS And Android Available. Full app requires subscription.


One of the most popular bookmarking tools is Pocket. This is the case now Mozilla Our own company specializes in collecting links quickly and easily and preparing them accordingly. Pocket is divided into 2 sections Home and Saves.

The homepage contains a mix of our most recently saved content and recommended articles from Pocket. The latter is divided into: Main article and different disciplines such as technology, business or science.

We find our own bookmarks in Saves. Pocket stores these in catalog form and enriches them with images. To add links, all we need to do is tap the plus symbol and insert the link. Adding is also possible via the context menu.

You can sort by age and reading time. We can also save tags for better overview. Most websites can be customized Reader-mode Read comfortably. Packet content can also be read aloud.

Full text search, Freedom of advertising And Premium fonts A subscription starting at 4.99 euros per month is required.

The packet is free iOS And Android Available. Full app requires subscription.


A more elegant variant of the bookmark manager is Instapaper. This app, originally born in the browser, has been around for over a decade and still receives regular updates today. Instapaper's interface is one of them Simple In this way. The app has a hidden sidebar behind the dashboard and burger button. Links can be inserted directly into the app or shared from other apps.

Our bookmarks are displayed in a simple interface title, marker And Time to study presents. Instapaper always saves content in an optimized format, and it's available offline at any time. We can customize the reader according to our tastes like font size, font and background color. If we want to close our eyes, it goes away from us Text-to-speech feature Reading.

While Instapaper requires an account, the basic version is free. For €6.99 per month, features like text-to-speech playlists, Unlimited notes And Unlimited speed reading to open.

Instapaper is free iOS And Android Available. A subscription is required to fully use the app.


The Omnivore app describes itself as an app for serious readers who want to keep up with them Expand knowledge. This still young application comes with some interesting features aimed at making management better. If you want to get started with Omnivore, you'll need to sign up for an account. The Open source application Also provides Self hosting optional. Once logged in, we'll be in the inbox on Omnivore's dashboard. Here we can add manually using the add code or via the context menu on the left, which will be listed in the inbox.

Omnivore optimizes bookmarks with cover image and title. The app also shows reading time and progress. If we switch to reading mode, Ominvore tries to remove all disturbing content. All that's left is text and images. Speech to text AI generated voices Reads all content to us upon request. In “Follow Along” The app reads aloud while we read simultaneously Comprehension and memory to encourage

In addition to full-text search, labels, tags, and notes help find bookmarks. We can through your own email address PDFs and newsletters sent directly to the application. In the “Following” tab, these are brought together in one place, just like RSS feeds.

Omnivore is free iOS And Android Available.


The Anybox app was also released a year ago. Bookmark Manager is focused Pure savings And Administration Does without bookmarks and additional reader features. If you want to get started with Anybox, you don't need an account. Instead, we are thrust directly into the overview. This is where all the bookmarks we store come together. You can add new content at any time using the menu bar at the bottom of the screen.

These can also be sent from other applications from the context menu. What makes Anybox stand out is how comprehensive it is Sorting options. While we can display all content in the “All” tab, Anybox allows us to create unlimited folders that make sorting easier. Smart Lists If desired, we can do the work for ourselves and focus on keywords, tags or folders that we use to automatically sort bookmarks.

By swiping down, you can quickly access folders, attachments, and search for content at any time. Since Anybox is currently only available in the Apple universe, per iCloud synced. to macOS There is a separate application.

Anybox is theoretically completely free to use, but if you need unlimited components, you have to pay for it. You pay 1.99 euros per month or a one-time fee of 34.99 euros.

Anybox is free iOS Available. Full use of the app requires a subscription or one-time purchase.

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