Best Excursion: With Tim in Shackle

By the time the necessary work on the Schöckl cable car is completed, the mobility project of Holding Grass, unique in Europe, is now heading to Graz's No. 1 excursion mountain: this means that Tim customers can now enjoy the Schöckl in St. Petersburg. Get an extra 10 percent discount on Radkund and gondola rides at a special rate with a drive for a car sharing car.

Holding Graz, which manages Graz's local mountain via the Freizeit Graz and the Schöckl cable car, offers its customers another attractive excursion at a special price in conjunction with the Lipizzaner Stud Piber, the Herberstein Zoo or the Zotter Erlebniswelt.

Deputy Mayor Judith Schwendner: “More and more people, especially young people, consciously choose not to own their own car in the city and use our car sharing service. 'tim' offers all users the opportunity to travel cheaply and flexibly without their own car. With the Schöckl campaign starting now, we are making the offer even more attractive. Annual More than 40,000 bookings confirm our intention to further expand “TIM” to meet the needs of the people of Grasse and protect the climate.

Holding cross-CEO Wolfgang Malick: “Holding Cross has been successfully offering the car sharing service “TIM” for eight years, which focuses on “sharing a car” rather than “owning a car”. In addition to the development and delivery of innovative mobility offers, the holding company also operates several local entertainment areas. Our own offers Thanks for the good networking – “Tim” and the #1 Excursion Hill for Grass City – A new special has been introduced for all car sharing customers.

“At Schöckl we are very pleased to be able to create a better offer for all Tim customers, for which Holding Cross also shares the responsibility.”So Mark Pers, Board Director Mobility and Leisure. “Gross' local hill is a popular excursion destination for families and people of all ages. We are proud to offer you “Tim” a convenient and flexible way to get to the popular excursion hill even without your own car. Anyone accompanying “Tim” will receive a discount on the gondola ride.

So Tim goes to the “Shockle Valley Station” in St. Radkund

  • Book a Tim Car Sharing car at your desired location and enter “Schöckl” as the destination. A special fee of 87 euros per 24 hours is automatically charged to the next monthly bill (price includes 100 free kilometers).
  • In addition, everyone who drives to Shackle with a Tim car gets a 10 percent discount on a gondola ride up and down the valley for adults (a total of four people in the vehicle and valid after showing active registered Tim Cross customers. Vehicle reservation on their cell phone and Tim card). Customers purchase gondola tickets on site. Price changes will be taken into account accordingly.
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Entertainment for all

The local mountain of Graz offers alpine fun for young and old alike. In and around the Schöckl you can relax in the great air, play sports or enjoy nature and the beautiful panoramic view – in every season.

Schöckl offers a comprehensive range of leisure activities for families, athletes and people with mobility restrictions. The offer for families ranges from fresh air activity days to the Hexenexpress and climbing park. Athletes can exercise while paragliding and hang gliding, biking or hanging on the shackle trail.

Additionally, in the spirit of accessibility, there are trails for all and a park for all motor skills.

Numbers, data, facts about Tim

  • Currently more than 6,300 customers, of which 39% are women and 61% are men
  • 40,000 bookings per year
  • 000,000 km traveled with e-car sharing cars since 2016 – equivalent to one CO2 662.9 tonnes of storage
  • Kilometers/month: 182,000 km
  • Average vehicle usage: 25%
  • 1 Tim car sharing car replaces 19 private cars and frees up parking space at an 8 km long cross.


Tim's fleet currently consists of 86 vehicles and 6 cargo bikes:

  • 2 Mercedes e-Vito
  • 1 Peugeot Expert Transporter
  • 1 Citroen Jumpy
  • 19 VW e-Golf
  • 9 VW-ID 3
  • 6 Kubra was born
  • 10 Skoda Fabia Estate
  • 22 Seater Ibiza
  • 3 Skoda Octavia Estate (Mietauto)
  • 7 VW Golf Variant (Rental Car)
  • 6 cargo bikes

Fleet to continue electrification by 2026

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