Börse Express – Equip the workplace for employees: The computer must have software

Various programs are necessary for basic work on the computer. Every computer runs on an operating system. It forms the basis of all applications. Windows operating system developed by Microsoft is very popular Different versions Available. However, it cannot work on the operating system alone. It is necessary to install a software package that provides various programs. It is important that cross-system communication is possible: the transmitted file can be opened and read on the other side.

At the dawn of digitization, Microsoft created a suite of programs called Office. It has established itself in the market and can now be installed on other operating systems like Apple.

Word, Excel and Powerpoint: These are office programs

Behind the concept of Office-plan is a collection of various individual solutions. The customer can put together the package he needs. Word Processing Word and Excel spreadsheets are the basics. The communication program Outlook lets you write emails and has an intelligent calendar. PowerPoint is a reference for presentations that can also be sent as a PDF.

The package also contains other programs, for example creating and populating databases. This is possible through access. Other computers can also read the output of programs’ files. Office has been available for the Mac for years.

Alternatively, you can use the built-in programs Pages (word processing), Numbers (spreadsheet) and Keynote (presentation program) when working with a Mac. Files can be converted into office formats. Office files can be imported and further edited.

These programs must be installed on each computer:

  • Word processing
  • spreadsheet
  • Email program
  • Calendar
  • Presentation plan
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Office from Microsoft is available for purchase or as a subscription. The benefit of the subscription is that the content is updated regularly.

Importance of artificial intelligence

In the last two years, Artificial intelligence It has entered people’s lives. This also applies to computer programs: AI writes texts, stitches together photos or creates analyses. In future, AI will be able to perform new tasks, which will work with PC. Newer versions of office programs will be optimized for AI, making more complex work possible.

Reset the computer

Each computer is a unique medium that must be adapted to its respective user. When choosing office plans, finding the right suite is also important.

A word processor and spreadsheet are essential to get started. Expansion of programs is possible at any time.

There is no computer without software

Software is an essential part of a computer. It is important to develop plans according to the needs of the employee.

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