Brigitte Pearlin is dead

He died on Monday at the age of 74. His death was announced by President Carl Neuhammer.

Brigitte Pearlin, former president and president of the Constitutional Court, passed away on Monday. This was announced by CEO Carl Nehamer on She is 74 years old. Nehhammer acknowledged that he took on Pearl’s role at a difficult time because of his love for his motherland: “Our country owes her a debt of gratitude.”

She made history many times.

It took 14 federal presidents in the Second Republic until the first woman headed a government in 2019. When he left this position at the beginning of 2020, it was clear to all political observers: the smartly dressed, articulate and straightforward former constitutional judge had to become a serious candidate for the federal presidency.

Alone: ​​Brigitte shook Pearl’s hand: she would take care of her private life. And that’s what she did. Brigitte Pearlin is known to the general public as a constitutional judge. He has held this position since 2003 and considers it the highlight of his career. Eventually, his career progressed remarkably: two years before his retirement, he was elected the first president of the Constitutional Court (VfGH). Before that, he was already the Vice President. She is the first woman to preside over the Constitutional Court.

Then came Ibiza, and Kurz I’s government exploded. The republic is looking for reliable support in the presidential palace. Brigitte Bierlein headed the Expert Government, which was tasked with conducting government business. This cabinet had a lot of expertise, but was politically at the mercy of the National Council, where changing majorities ensured legislative decisions. Bierlein served as a reliable short-term chancellor and thereby gained a high reputation among the people.

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A legal career was not immediately apparent to her. The daughter of a civil servant really wanted to study art or architecture. His mother (who had an art education) advised him against it, but he followed Pearl’s advice and decided on law.

From then on it was straight forward: he completed his studies in four years, at 26 he passed the bar exam, at 28 he was appointed public prosecutor, and at 41 he was appointed attorney general. In 2003 he was the Deputy President of the Constitutional Court and on January 1, 2018 he became its President.

In his spare time, Beerlin attended openings and exhibitions, as well as opera and theater. He also collected art and, among other things, had an original by Joseph Micklin hanging in the house. Scandal at the Vienna Ballet Academy In his spare time, he enjoys attending openings and exhibitions, as well as – time permitting – opera and theatre. She also collects art and has a (Joseph) Mickle hanging in the house. His recent appointment as head of a special commission into the scandal at the Vienna Ballet Academy has little to do with culture.

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