Can you fry chicken with waddling?

© Photo by JK Sloan on Unsplash

You've never asked if you can cook a chicken using the heat generated during a pan. Well, that's why you (probably) don't have a YouTube channel. YouTuber Louis Weiss I asked myself this question – and tried it out:

When water turns to ice

Watching the water freeze is moderately exciting. But this animation shows what happens molecular level will happen in the process.

Why are Christmas trees buried on the beach?

Be at the beach every year Blackpool Beach Inside Lancashire Christmas trees were buried by numerous volunteers. Why? Watch the following video:

Spectacular Jurassic World attraction

at Universal Studios Peking There is also a new attraction Jurassic World. The special effects are impressive (unfortunately unlike the Jurassic World films).

Nobody wants to score a goal like that

Have you ever had one? Bad day at work? Maybe, but was he really as bad as that goalkeeper? Nobody wants to score a goal like that

Why is it almost impossible to make a blue LED light?

Still not enough? You will learn Go to the Net in the previous week Why is it so difficult? Blue LEDs are to be generated.

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