Cancer-stricken American actress Shannon Doherty supports Princess Kate

American actress Shannon Doherty, who has been battling cancer for years, criticized the public pressure on Britain's Princess Kate. In the British media, a handful of editors admitted they were embarrassed by the 42-year-old royal for taking part in the speculation surrounding him.

When British Princess Kate, 42, went public with her cancer in a video message, she considered it time and time for privacy. There had previously been wild speculation around the world about their absence in public, not only fueling debate about the royal family's privacy, but above all, their use of social media.

In the British newspaper “The Observer” writer Rachel Cook wrote: How cruel it is to recover from an operation and hear that your absence is suspicious. “As scary as it is to go through chemotherapy, you know that if you walk out your front door you'll most likely be photographed.” In the Independent, one editor admitted that he now felt ashamed for dabbling in conspiracy theories: “If there's any good in it, it's that it makes us think twice before opening our mouths about the next 'big secret'.”

The Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, had said before Kate's video message last week that everyone deserves to rest when they are ill. “It's old-fashioned village gossip that can now spread around the world in seconds, and we need to move away from that,” he told the Internet Rumor Mill.

Cancer-stricken “Beverly Hills, 90210” actress Shannon Doherty has slammed the public's pressure. “Being a public person doesn't mean the public has control over them. We all have the right to live our lives with an illness or privacy,” Doherty, 52, wrote on Instagram over the weekend. An onslaught of “conspiracy theories, possession and simply morbid curiosity” forced Kate to release the report.

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Doherty announced in 2015 that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, she's been battling the disease — openly and publicly to inspire other sufferers.

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