Companies are leaving Germany – AUA has a new KV -…

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Industrial evacuation begins in Germany: Companies are moving production abroad from Germany at a breathtaking pace and closing domestic plants. In Austria you have to analyze this very carefully – and draw conclusions, warns Joseph Ursitz In the current balance sheet.

New KV for AUA On-board Personnel: There is currently no threat of a new strike at Austrian Airlines. After 20 rounds of negotiations through 2026 for about 1,000 pilots and 2,500 flight attendants, management and the union agreed on a new collective agreement. More on this.

Putin wants to go to China: Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced that he will visit China soon. “I'm planning a visit in May,” the Kremlin chief said. He did not mention the exact date. However, celebrations marking his fifth term as president are scheduled for May 7, so this could be his first foreign trip of his new term. More on this.

White sprinkles instead of glue? Not necessarily popular with the last generation of drivers and passengers. If you ask climate activists, they don't want it to be that way. “Disruption as much as possible” is still cited as the main objective for their graft operations. However: the time may be ripe for a change of strategy, so consider it Teresa Wirth In the morning glow.

A day of terrorist attacks: Today in Vienna, Islamist Lawrence K. He has been tried again – for, inter alia, attempted murder, attempted endangerment with explosives and the crimes of a terrorist group and a criminal organization. There is an investigation into a 17-year-old boy in Steyr who allegedly planned an attack against a synagogue. More on this.

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Donald Trump's Major Legal Fight Day: The Supreme Court in Washington is today considering the question of whether a former US president should be immune from prosecution for his activities while in office. Trump may have some success here. “I heard the question was very good,” Trump said Friday night.

Verdict against Weinstein overturned: The New York Supreme Court has overturned the rape case against former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein and ordered a retrial. In fairness, judges noted procedural errors during the trial. Weinstein was sentenced to 23 years in prison in 2020 in New York for sexual assault and rape. More on this.

Do you remember your first kiss? An unusual holiday “Remember Your First Kiss Day” is celebrated in the United States today. It is not clear who started this strange memorial day. But research shows that we have been kissing for 4,500 years. More on this in the “Journal” archive.

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