Construction Sites, Climate Protests: Kilometers of Traffic Jams During Whitsun Transit

Construction sites, climate resistances

What traffic experts expected a few days ago happened on the Pentecost trip: the Ö3 transport service reports traffic jams in Salzburg and Tyrol from Saturday morning. According to ÖAMTC, the peak on the Tauernautobahn (A10) in Salzburg has been exceeded, but there will be delays until the evening.

On the Tauern Autobahn, traffic has slowed in front of a single-lane construction zone. At times the columns were as far as 28 kilometers to the Salzburg junction. Passengers lost between three and sometimes five hours of time. Traffic also takes a toll on neighboring towns like Kuchl.

Mayor Thomas Freilinger (ÖVP) complained that people were camping on the streets – more on this at ASFINAG mobilized additional personnel to hand out water bottles to those waiting in traffic jams.

Heavy traffic on Tavern Highway

Due to a tunnel construction site, traffic on the Tauern Autobahn was blocked for up to 28 kilometers on Saturday, resulting in delays of up to five hours.

Lively traffic was also recorded in the Tyrol. On the A13 towards Brenner between the Jensenhof and Schönberg toll booths, an hour will stop in the opposite direction between the Schlierbach Bridge and the Stupital. Even on the Fernpass (B179) in the Imst district, holidaymakers sometimes made gradual progress. All in all, we lost about an hour on the journey south – more on this at

Climate activists on crowded streets

After 10 a.m., climate activists were stuck in traffic jams to draw attention to the climate crisis: According to the ÖAMTC, the “last generation” blocked important road links in three western federal states. In Salzburg, about a dozen protesters clung to themselves on the hijacked Tauern Autobahn near Hallen.

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Activists wanted to draw attention to CO2 emissions from car traffic on the Tarn Autobahn

The L203 and A14 motorways in Vorarlberg in the Hohenems region and the Fernpass (B179) in Tyrol were also blocked – more on this at

Neighboring Switzerland also experienced several kilometers of traffic jams. The Touring Club Switzerland (TCS) X (Twitter) reported that cars lined up for 16 kilometers in front of the Gotthard tunnel. The lost time for drivers is up to two hours and 40 minutes.

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