Continued rain – flooding in Artakhar: Floodplain areas inundated

Continued rain – floods in Artagh: floodplain areas flooded – NÖ

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Continuous rain

Created on June 4, 2024 | 07:34

Flooding in Artagh

Marvin Googler

I amn Ardagger, the Danube overflowed its banks from Monday to Tuesday night and flooded several hundred hectares of land in Marchland/South.

Mayor Johannes Presl announced the current situation on his Facebook page this morning. Forecasts indicate that floodwaters will continue to rise until midnight on Tuesday and the Danube will then overflow by more than a meter at the Stairway (near Schatzkastel).

To ensure people’s safety, the main road from Ardagger Markt in the direction of Wallsee is already closed, as parts of the road are already flooded. The reporter requested people to be careful especially in flood-prone areas. The animals now seek safety on shore and must be left alone. He has warned to avoid boat trips in flood waters.

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