Cryo: Cold chamber tested


Regarding the so-called ice bath or cryosauna – icy cold is now on everyone's lips. Long standard in Hollywood and offered primarily in spa centers or doctor's offices in Austria, it is now available to anyone interested. On Hasnerstrasse, CoolZone invites customers with various motivations to enjoy a healthy freeze.

What is cryo?

Krios means nothing but “cold” in Greek, and is better known in this country under the English form “cryo”, in connection with the innovative full-body cold chambers, where the body is exposed to extreme cold under professional guidance. Cryotherapies have been popular in Hollywood for years as a true immune booster and are said to have positive effects both inside and outside the body. Cryo is already used in more than 50 areas in medicine, sports and beauty. In cold rooms, the body is exposed to a dry chill of -70 to -110 degrees Celsius. What may seem scary at first is actually a true insider tip for complete well-being. Increases metabolism and calorie consumption, increases blood flow to muscles and internal organs. As a result there are positive effects on connective tissue and figure, nerves and blood vessels and inflammatory processes in the body. Anti-aging effects and promoting rapid regeneration after intense sports are said to be among the positive aspects of the cold room.

Mirella Moswitzer, managing director of CoolZone Klagenfurt, reveals: “In competitive sports, cryo is already considered a doping; Professionals are not allowed to enter the cold room before four hours because the efficiency increases by about 18%. “We have patients who have been able to reduce their rheumatic or thyroid medication for a long time after a short period: “As the body switches to survival mode, the blood flows.” Provides more to the body's center and organs, which promotes metabolism and therefore supports nutrition.

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Who is cryosauna suitable for?

Areas of application for cold storage are wide. People who want to take a break from stressful everyday life, athletes who want to improve their performance or even rheumatic patients swear by the effects of the cold room. The cold room is especially popular in the last few meters of food and training for the summer body.

Coolsoon: Self-examination

CoolZone is the most modern and powerful cold room concept on the market. At locations in Klagenfurt, Cologne and Madeira, hundreds of clients rely on integrative treatments. Here you strengthen the body not only in Syrosana but also with other applications that are beneficial for overall health. Under the motto “Longevity and Performance” we focus on the following sub-areas:

  • Cryosauna / cold room

    A medical anamnesis form is used to calculate the correct duration of cold room. In our self-test, our editor was allotted less than 4 minutes. What a long time flies! With fluffy shoes, a hood, gloves and a protective mask to make breathing more comfortable, we go into the minus 85 degree room. Your favorite music in your headphones helps keep you going and keeps you happy – because halfway through, you notice your body starts releasing endorphins. You feel happy and excited and you don't know why. Cold weather feels different than taking a cold bath in a cold lake or pool. Due to the dryness of the cold, the process is easier to bear than expected – even for our author, a complete ice cream person.

  • Lymphatic drainage with Vacufit

    In addition to cold therapy, lymphatic drainage is offered, in which you lie in a vacuum tunnel from the waist down. The body is absorbed downwards for 20 minutes. Unpleasant, but unusual, you notice positive effects after the second use: water retention can be effectively combated, as well as pain and inflammation after lymphedema, nerve problems or injuries.

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  • Multi Cryohacking System / Heat Chamber

    But CoolZone doesn't freeze. Depending on the treatment goal, it is better to visit the MCS warming room before or after the cold room. 5-8 minutes, the skin transports red and blue light at a maximum air temperature of 50 degrees; For pleasant warming without sweating. You are supplied with ionized oxygen, which is absorbed particularly intensively by the body and strengthens it inside and out.

  • Physical analysis

    A 4D body scan can be carried out to monitor your own growth; It not only provides information about measurements and weight but also reveals BMI, body fat percentage and many other details about the body. Especially good for athletes or weight loss process.

More information is available COOLZONE.AT

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