Dealer & Manufacturer – Gold manufactured in Corneuburg thanks to Philoro Factory in Business Park

Until now, Piloro has only worked as a trader, working with production companies such as Swiss refiner Valkambi. As managing director René Bruegler emphasizes, going into production now is “not a spontaneous reaction,” “but the result of a long-term vision.”

Since he and his business partner Rudolf Brenner founded the company in 2011, Filoro has pursued the goal of “representing the entire value chain.” This enables the company to “quickly develop innovative solutions, deliver high-quality products and operate independently in the market”.

A vision becomes reality

“Made in Austria gold” will soon become a quality feature, as Filoro relies on excellent value. The company already sells only products that guarantee the highest quality through certification by the London Bullion Market Association, or LBMA for short. And Filoro “definitely wants to get its own refinery certification,” Bruegler assures.

As part of the separation process, jewelry or dental gold is converted into gold bars.


In the future, 120 tons of gold and 140 tons of silver will be processed annually, a large portion of which is made from recycled materials at the Filoro gold factory in Korneuburg. This, Brugler says, is “an essential part of our sustainability strategy.” Anything containing at least some gold or other precious metal, such as jewelry, cutlery, or dental gold, is questionable.

But this is not the only factor for sustainable production. When building the plant, Filoro focused on sustainability, for example, by integrating a large-scale photovoltaic system that was able to derive part of the energy from green electricity.

Brückler says that the decision to choose Korneuburg as a production site was a conscious one, as the city is characterized by its strategically favorable location, proximity to Vienna and good infrastructure. In addition, the support of the state and municipality of Lower Austria was an important indicator.

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In recent times of increasing economic uncertainty, new investments and the creation of new jobs are a rare ray of hope. The opening of the gold factory in Korneuburg will not only bring 100 new jobs in gold production, but also relocate the headquarters and logistics team to the region.

Filoro will thus employ a total of 300 people in Korneuburg – a significant step for the local economy, which will ensure the strengthening of employment opportunities in the region.

A safe haven in uncertain times

“There is more demand than ever for the safe haven of gold,” Brugler says, underscoring the proven protection against economic turbulence that the precious metal provides. So they have already confidently invested 60 million euros in the first expansion phase of the gold plant.

“A clear commitment to our vision,” explains Bruegler, who recognizes “the potential and huge demand for precious metals” despite the current volatile markets. Opening its own gold factory is central to the company’s overall strategy. In the long term, the purpose of setting up production is to “strengthen market position, promote growth and meet customer needs”.


There’s also the chance to watch your own scrap gold being melted live at Filoro


Bringing the history and value of gold closer to customers in the future, the branch of the new factory has an integrated show smelting facility that “allows you to see the heart of the gold industry” and provides “a unique and interactive experience,” promises Bruegler – and in the future there will even be a small museum of sorts. .

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