Deutsche Telekom presents the first app-free smartphone

Deutsche Telekom, together with two partner companies, has come up with the concept of a new type of smartphone where users no longer look at apps. Instead, with an “AI phone” you interact with an artificial intelligence (AI) via voice commands, which gathers information from the Internet for you and displays things like flight reservations or gift recommendations.

“The future will be without apps,” Brain Technologies founder and CEO Jerry Yu said at Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona on Monday.

The American tech company is coming up with AI for the smartphone, which is being developed as a cloud-based version and a model that works offline. Chip manufacturer Qualcomm is also participating in the project. It is not yet clear whether one of the AI ​​phones will make it to market. American Yue is convinced.

For the cloud version, the telecom is using its existing mid-range device, the T-Phone, which runs on Google's Android operating system. There's nothing special about the smartphone – what's being done with it: using AI to make the view of apps redundant. From the perspective of industry experts, this project could be the start of a trend in which apps lose influence and smartphone usage changes radically.

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