Dozens of Norovirus Illnesses After Visiting a Fast Food Restaurant

A significant increase in illnesses involving noroviruses has been reported Amstetten the authorities and government hospital staff there. With about 50 known sick people to date, a visit to the McDonald’s branch… Amsteton-Cranesfurth leading to infection.

However, official investigations there showed that food was in the sanitary area, in the kitchen, and in the food No norovirus contamination was detected was However, the branch operator has closed for voluntary public cleaning.

“It cannot be ruled out that victims were infected when they went to visit someone who was sick,” says McDonald’s head of corporate communications. Wilhelm Baldia.

It became known on Wednesday evening 19 people, who suffered from nausea and vomiting, was infected with norovirus. Many others were receiving treatment in the hospital. What they had in common was going to the Greensfurther branch A possible source of infection Called, says Baldia.

Transmission by humans

Because noroviruses From man to man spread, it can be assumed that a sick person in the restaurant must have been contagious.

“However, inspection by the authorities did not reveal any complaints in hygiene or food or kitchen,” Baldia said. That is why there are no formal requirements for a branch operator.

“Our owner decided to do a general cleaning to be on the safe side and closed the restaurant on Saturday afternoon, adding to the 19 cases since Wednesday, he personally reported six more cases on Thursday. Austria under ORF Inform the authorities 50 cases so far reported.

Among them were 16 soldiers from Ostarrichi Barracks in Amstetten.

Long incubation period

Because of the incubation period between infection and norovirus Five and 50 hours A large number of unreported cases and large regional spread of the disease is possible.

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