ECJ rules on Austrian family reunification cases

The starting point is the case of a Syrian who wanted to be reunited with his parents and his sister who needed care.

On Tuesday, the European Court of Justice (ECJ) will rule on several questions related to refugees' right to family reunification based on a case from Austria. The focus is on the question of whether the adult sister of an elderly Syrian asylum seeker in need of care – who came to Austria as a minor – also has the right to reside in Austria if her caring parents are granted this right.

In principle, she does not have this right. However, the Administrative Court in Vienna asked the ECJ whether this would also happen if the parents were forced to give up their right to join the family because they had to take care of their daughter. Additional questions to be answered by the ECJ concern the reunification of parents, among other things, the fact that a Syrian entitled to asylum was a minor when his parents applied for family reunification at the time of the asylum application, but was already of age. (APA)

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