EU Election – House tour in Petzenkirchen as the final leg of the election campaign

Visiting Betsenkirchen: Heidemaria Wolf, Günther Siedl, Andreas Scheider, Meyer Lisbeth Kern, Sven Herkovich and Alois Schroll. (from left)


BIn the regional election campaign with federal front-runner Andreas Schieder, Petzenkirchner EU MP Günther Sidl renewed his call for the EU to be more in touch with the people.

As EU elections draw to a close next Sunday, EU MP Günther Sidl from Petzenkirchen, the top Austrian candidate under the SPÖ, gave Andreas Schieder, the SPÖ’s federal top candidate, a glimpse of his home region.

Together with Mayor Lisbeth Kern, SPÖ National Council Member Alois Schröll and SPÖ State Party Chairman Sven Herkovich visited “Betzladen”, which, away from Kern, is overseen by Heidemaria Wolf and Sabine Dorner. The SPÖ group then visited Julia Daupinger’s “Nüssleden” and “Houbiversum”, where regionalism and inflation were discussed.

“The EU must recognize what is in its regions and provide targeted support to our cities and communities,” says Sidl, adding that there should be a strong focus on regional funding programs. For Petzenkirchner it is important that the EU finally reaches out to the people and renews his call for direct cooperation between cities and municipalities and EU funding agencies. “Communication with the EU should no longer end in state government offices. People in our cities and communities know exactly what they need to live a good life locally,” explains Siddle.

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