Everything goes wrong: HC Pustertal – A nightmare start for the ICEHL

In Pinscher: Michael Fryklund (centre) has nothing to say to his Bustersers against Klagenfurt. © F. Pecentineer

The widespread jubilation in Pusterdal was huge after the quarter-final series win over Fehervar. But in the first semi-final, Wolves slipped to a brutal defeat in Klagenfurt.

“Everything that could go wrong went wrong today”: these are the words of HC Pustertal's captain Raphael Anderkassen in an interview. Pulse24 The nail on the head. The Wolves went into their first ICE semi-final in history against Klagenfurt with plenty of joy and motivation, but the disappointment after 60 minutes was huge: with a memorable 7-1 defeat in their luggage, the black and yellow cracks came out. Horton Arena on the ice of the raging Heidi team.

It was simply an unforgettable evening. Bustertal didn't even enter the game for a second, despite opponents and regular round winners Klagenfurt one, two classes, if not better. Red jackets always appear several centimeters taller and two steps faster in the snow. The third line around Lukas Haudum, Raphael Herburger and Nikolaus Kraus was particularly good and scored four of the seven goals. Wolves, on the other hand, lacked any sign of the power, fire or passion of previous games. Indescribable performance by Black and Yellows!

Frustration, penalties and goals conceded

The middle division in particular is one of the weakest that HCP has offered this season. Instead of fighting back from a 2-0 deficit in the first period with a double-digit lead, the Wolves fell apart in all of their possessions. Goalie Jake Smith, who was celebrated as the quarter-final hero, conceded a total of five goals and had to make way for Andy Bernard.

A rare picture: Pustertal (here Matthias Montinger) in front of Klagenfurt goalie Sebastian Tom. © F. Pecentineer

The teammates, on the other hand, lost their nerve and were held to no less than 45 penalty minutes. Low point: After a bad check, Ryan Stanton had to take a match penalty. He is suspended for this and is expected to miss Game 2 on Friday. At least Joel Messner is coming back, he wasn't there on Tuesday because his baby was born.

Black Wolf Wreath

Howdum hits Bustertal was hooked from the start. Ten-game scoreless Lucas Houd also put the puck into the net twice (5th, 12th). 0:2 in Busterdal's view.
Powerplay Oh Power Busterdal's big chance to turn things around comes early in the middle third, when the Wolves play a minute 5-on-3. But the best power play team in the league is never dangerous.
Smith is enough Klagenfurt plays well against more pushers. Nicolas Kroos (after a wonderful Manuel Canal pass), Johannes Bischöberger (punch into the goal) and Steven Strong (accurate shot) made it 5-0 after 34 minutes. Wolves goalie Jake Smith angrily leaves his box to make way for Andy Bernard.
Wolves rage The frustration at Pusterdal is overwhelming. Ryan Stanton checks Steven Strong's head and is sent to the showers by the refs. Arvin Atwal receives a ten-minute penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. In the final third, KAC added two more goals, while David Morley at least scored a consolation goal.

Good news for HC Pustertal: In the end only one game was lost. It all starts afresh at the Intercable Arena on Friday night from 7:30pm. The Bruneck stadium will be sold out with 3,100 fans. Things can only get better for the wolves.

HC Bozen, on the other hand, made a big statement at the start of the semi-final series and overturned their home advantage with an away win in Salzburg.

Klagenfurter AC – HC Pustertal 7:1

wake up: Tom (Vorauer); Unterweger-Jensen, Strong-Postma, Vallant-Meyer, Obersteiner-Brieml; Bischofberger-Hundredlb-Fraser, Ganahl-Mursak-Petersen, Haudum-Herburger-Kraus, Schwinger-van Ee-Witting

HCP: Smith (Bernard); Stanton-Altubar, Kasastul-Eke, Klira-Adwal; Morley-Schofield-Akesson, Anderkasen-Fryglund-Betten, DeLuca-Sill-Müntinger, Catenacci-Berger-Hassler, Oehler

rip: 1:0 Lukas Haudum (4.45), 2:0 Lukas Haudum (11.02), 3:0 Nikolaus Kraus (27.08), 4:0 Johannes Bischofberger (29.16), 5:0 Steven Strong (33.13), 6:0 Johannes Bischofber (40.59), 7:0 Raphael Herburger (50.15), 7:1 David Morley (52.44)

Audience: 4.375

Top 7 Series Standings: 1:0

The second semi-final

Red Bull Salzburg – HC Bozen 0:2
rip: 0:1 Connor Ford (6.59), 0:2 Dustin Causley (39.44)

Audience: 2.699

Best 7-Series: 0:1

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