“Exciting Interest” in Linz Auto Spring

The organizers of the 52nd Linz Car Spring are delighted. “Interest is sensational,” says trade show president Michael Schmidt. Crowds thronged outside the Design Center as the car show opened on Saturday. “I've rarely experienced that,” says Ernest Wipplinger, a spokesman for the trade show. Sunday was also crowded. A total of 14,000 visitors were counted – 2,000 more than the previous year.

Visitors didn't come to see: “Our visitors were very motivated to buy this year,” says Wipplinger. “Many already knew what they needed and used the trade show to learn about the details.”

According to the organizers, the audience was well informed.
Image: Antonio Bayer

This year's car spring featured 200 new cars, 30 percent of which were electric cars. But there was strong demand for partially electrified vehicles and combustion engines. One of the “highlights” is the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 – the most expensive exhibit at 288,519 euros.

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"Exciting interest" In Linz Auto Spring
Initial training: This guy tested what it feels like to be behind the wheel.
Image: Antonio Bayer

Charging stations “always full”

The 20 electric charging stations made available to visitors for the first time were a “complete success,” says Michael Schmidt. The managing director of car dealer Höglinger-Denzel has also been the head of Car Vasant since 2019. Even as e-mobility continues to enjoy high demand, he observes a trend back toward combustion engines. In general, buyers pay more attention to environmental aspects and therefore prefer climate-friendly models with low consumption.

"Exciting interest" In Linz Auto Spring
17 dealers displayed their latest models.
Image: Antonio Bayer
Verena Gabriel

Verena Gabriel


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