Fake police officers are up to mischief in Upper Austria

OO There are a lot of fake police officers causing mischief in Upper Austria right now, so be warned.

Fraudsters are at it again, tricking victims into thinking they are on the road on behalf of the police to collect and protect valuables. So far mainly in the Efferding and Riet districts and the greater Linz area. (Photo: Weibold (code photo))

On Wednesday alone, seven attempted frauds were reported to the Real Police in the greater Linz area and Wright County. In certain cases, all the victims behaved in an exemplary manner, did not allow themselves to be threatened and did not engage in any further business with the fraudsters.

Mock police officers were in Efferding on Monday; without success.The previously unknown criminals posed as police officers and asked the victims for valuables in their apartments. Fraudsters claim that there has been an attack or robbery in the area around the apartments and that they are traveling on behalf of the police to collect valuables to protect people. The police advises to stop such conversations immediately and not to allow strangers into the house or apartment.

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