Finance: Calculation example from business MONAT

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Higher funding is possible here:

A young family buys an old single-family house with 130 m2 of usable space for 180,000 euros. It is to be completely renovated and thermally updated, with the heating replaced and a PV system installed. Costs for renovation activities totaled 260,000 euros.

A household gets a maximum loan of 90,000 euros for “acquisition of an existing property” and a maximum of 75,000 euros for “creating a living space in an existing property”. A one-time grant of 58,500 euros from the central government as part of the “renewal bonus” amount. The funding is because the family is “renovating their own home” (19,200 euros) and has decided to use renewable insulation (7,000 euros) and replace the heating system (6,000 euros). The new PV system is being subsidized as part of “Energy Funding Carinthia” with 4,800 euros. There are also contributions for project development (1,200 euros), renewal coach (800 euros) and energy certification (300 euros). 6,000 euros are being funded for the seamless conversion of sanitary rooms.

In total, the family receives a one-time subsidy of 103,800 euros and two promotional loans totaling 165,000 euros. It required six funding applications from the state and two funding applications from the central government.

More information about potential funding can also be found in the new March Business Link. reality

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