Firefox for Android allows installation of 122 local extensions

On December 14, Mozilla opened up its extension ecosystem for Android, allowing users to install any extension from the web. Mozilla's extension site already has over 500 extensions. Starting with Firefox 122, it is also possible to install local extension files.

Download Firefox for Android from Google Play Store

For a long time, Firefox for Android supported a selection of 22 hand-picked extensions — 22 more than any other smartphone browser, which is unmatched by desktop Firefox. Since December 14th, Firefox 120 or higher has been released, so you can install any extensions compatible with Firefox for Android. As of today, 545 extensions are already available for installation, almost 60 more extensions than two weeks ago.

As of Firefox 122, it is possible to install extensions where the XPI file is stored locally on your Android file system. To do this, click the Firefox logo five times on the Settings → About Firefox screen. Then additional screens are available in settings. One of them is called “Install Add-on from File”.

due to Restrictions On older versions of Android, this functionality is only available on Android 10 and above. Firefox 122 for Android is currently scheduled for release on January 23, 2024.

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