Floral, feminine and fun: new fashion exhibition at MAK

die MAK-Reihe (Con) Temporary Fashion Showcase Heading into the sixth round. See you at the branch this time Geymüllerschlössel Playful and floral fashion designs Florentina Leitner Historic environment and Biedermeier decorations. In the exhibition curated by Lara Steinhäusser, pieces from Leitner’s collections and his contemporary fashion images are contrasted with old Viennese clocks by Franz Sobek. “A conversation,” says MAK General Director Lily Hollin.

“I have three F’s: feminine, floral and fun.”

Holline justifies the clash of different civilizational stages and historical embellishments by saying, “Different strands in coexistence must interest their respective audiences in each other.” Leitner’s approach is to play with quotations and classical art and draws inspiration from contemporary and historical films, says curator Steinhauser. “It’s always important to me to tell a story, to be inspired by history and bring it into my world,” the artist said Friday at a press tour to introduce his exhibition: designs from the past four years, five fashion images, ten rooms.

“I have three Fs: feminine, floral and fun. The clothes are always very feminine and quirky, and the collection has very fun elements,” says Leitner. The exhibition is certainly “weird” – the rooms include, among other things, a fashion doll on a turntable (sources of inspiration: Op Art, Hitchcock’s “Vertigo”) and a doll in a green fake fur jacket surrounded by old Viennese clocks. and flexible hair, whose hair is attached to balloons and floats. The latter doll presents elements of the “Jean” collection. Green is a positive “resurrection symbol”, “new blooming and green”, after the fires fueled by the burning of witches in the Middle Ages, Leitner wanted to depict witches as survivors and strong women. This is one of the five fashion films shown.

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A support program with workshops, guided tours and a vintage market

In addition to Leitner’s playful elements, “dark, mysterious” inspirations also find their way into his work. These are offered, among others, in a room next to the terrace with a view of the castle garden. The artist cites the Italian film “Suspiria” and Erwin Wurm’s “Fat Car” as influences for the design of “Blue Dress with Big Puffy Flower” from the set “The Magic Mountain”.

Leitner strives to be animal-friendly and sustainable in her designs. When it comes to synthetic fur and fur, it relies on dead-stock production, which involves recycling materials that are no longer used and purchased from large companies. The glasses are made entirely from recycled materials, the bouquets of flowers in the “Magic Mountain” collection are made from plastic bags and screw caps. “We make treasures out of trash,” the artist told APA in an interview. Visitors can try this type of creation for themselves, as the exhibition has a diverse program of workshops, guided tours and a vintage market.

Last but not least, collaborations with artists Alma Pektas (floral sculpture in the entrance area), Sofia Stolz (wigs) and Niel Stranzinger (makeup) and the traditional Austrian company Mühlbauer Hutmanufaktur bring Leitner. (Con) Access to the temporary fashion showcase is a real treat.

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