Focus on cooperation: Successful large-scale exercise “Samson 2024” completed

The large-scale exercise “Samson 2024” took place in the Tomsk region, where around 350 emergency services faced the demanding situation. A serious train crash, along with other hypothetical scenarios, posed a major challenge for emergency services. The Red Cross Salzburg and various emergency organizations took a positive decision after the exercise and emphasized the importance of such exercises for crisis management.

Tomsway. The large-scale exercise “Samson 2024” in the Damsweg region was an important test for the emergency services of various organizations. Faced with a challenging situation like a serious train accident, an avalanche and a plane crash, numerous emergency services were put to the test. Organized by various emergency organizations and the Salzburg Red Cross, the exercise aims to train coordination and cooperation in crisis situations.

Positive result from emergency organizations

The units of the Salzburg Red Cross, Styria, Tyrol and Bavaria, as well as the emergency services involved, including police commandos, fire departments and rescue services, made a positive decision after the exercise. Processes trained on real and imagined scenarios were evaluated as successful and important insights were gained.

Cooperation between emergency services

Apart from the Salzburg Red Cross, several organizations participated in the “Sampson 2024” exercise. According to reports from the Red Cross and the State of Salzburg, the close cooperation between the emergency services and the successful handling of demanding situations once again underline the high level of commitment and professionalism of the actors involved.

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