FPÖ: “Deportations” and abuse on Ash Wednesday

In Ryde, Herbert Kigl primarily settled scores with the ÖVP. Under this president, all illegal immigrants have been deported since 2015, Manfred Heimbuchner said.

Write/Increase. A long line of FPÖ supporters formed in front of the Jandernhall in Rite im Increese half an hour before the start of admission. Opposite, “grandmothers against the right” protested by singing a song about the “Bad Wolf” – although, surprisingly, it was not Herbert Giggle, but “neoliberalism”.

Herbert Kickl certainly lived up to the expectations of his patrons. Having previously delivered spoken word pieces for Georg Hyder's Ash Wednesday appearance, he now took to the stage. If you didn't know he was the leader of the FPÖ and wanted to be president, you might see him as a right-wing stand-up comedian. Some of the Villach native instruments are very sharp, and some are below the belt.

The federal president has previously called for moderation in Ash Wednesday speeches. For Giggle, of course, a template: “What was it like during the Corona period, when a division was created from above, good and bad?” So Van der Bellen's current division in this regard is mere hypocrisy. The blue thread in Giggle's texts is the motif of elitist criticism: us or you versus those who are there. This includes “left-wing agents in ORF”. Or “corona-caro”, Minister Caroline Edstadler, who has not missed a ball this year.

Sobotka “Anti-Rightist Grandfather”

In general, ÖVP: they copy a lot and understand nothing. “The main actor in Wells (in Carl Nehamer's text, note) is me again. Kick here, kick there. Giggle everywhere.” Johanna Mikl-Leitner and Wolfgang Sobotka mocked Kikla as the “grandmother and grandfather of the anti-right”.

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A thunderous applause erupted as Kickl took off against ORF, ATV and Puls4. The mainstream media is an oxygen tent, a corridor for the political establishment. Gigl quoted Jörg Haider bluntly: “He was ahead of his time.” Gikl once broke with Haider when he founded the BZÖ.

Upper Austria's state party leader Manfred Heimbucher was ahead of Gikl. As a libertarian you have to put up with a lot, he said. “But we're not made of salt and sugar, sometimes we're made of steel.” Heimbuchner also has an elitist motif: “Herbert didn't do politics for big bosses and big corporations.” However, as principal, Gicl will act. Actions should be taken against illegal migration and irreplaceable people. “It's called deportation in Switzerland. I like it”. And then again “for the media to take note”: “As the president's party, our goal will be to deport everyone who has been in our country illegally since 2015.” All honest workers from abroad, on the other hand, have nothing to fear from the FPÖ. He, Heimbuchner, values ​​these people more than the “rich outcasts” who block our streets or study gender studies for thirty semesters. Kickl previously casually suggested a “go-home plan.”

Haimbuchner criticizes the cultural capital program in Bad Ischl. This is “leftist decadence in its purest form”. For Giggling, a nude dance performance also added excitement to his speech.

Norbert Hofer received a standing ovation when he walked in. Of course, Giggling still got “Herbert! Herbert!” He chants. Manfred Heimbuchner downed two beers on stage to show Carl Nehhammer “what a real man is”. Or as Giggle put it: “Carl, last, McNehammer”. And addressed him: “We're not right-wing extremists, we're mostly right.”

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