FPÖ leader Kikl wants to turn the organization into a “people's president”.

The leader of the FPÖ party is Herbert Kigl At his party's May 1 rally in a fully occupied 5,000-strong beer tent Urfahraner is reasonable He again campaigned as “Fortress Austria”, calling on his fans to “walk the path of necessary change” with him and support the FPÖ in the elections. He dealt extensively against political competition. He promised to go down before becoming a part of this organization.

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As the three main actors enter in traditional attire Deputy Governor Manfred Heimbuchner, EU leading candidate Harald Wilimski and Gicl, — according to a previous speaker — awaited their appearance “like race-horses in a box,” and nearly all were there. 5,000 guests Half of them probably waved flags on beer benches.

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As a “people's president” he wants to change the system because as a “people's president” he is “an advocate, a protector, first of the people and then of the president.” To do this, the FPÖ needs first place in the National Council elections. “Unity parties” don't want that, “because they want to be the center of attention,” Giggle raged. “Before I become a part of this system, let me bend, break, threaten, I will go down and hold my head up.” Like previous speakers, he called on his supporters to go to the polls in a super-election year, calling him the “people's chancellor” and saying “then things will be good for Austria again”.

Giggling wants to be a “blue hurricane”.

Only the FPÖ “stands on the side of the Austrian people and creates politics for you. All others have betrayed you, oppressed you, manipulated you, divided you, and will continue to do so.” Like a “blue hurricane” he will bring “fresh air” to the National Council elections.

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“Heroes of work”, the will of the people to act in the 1970s and 1980s, and the politicians of the time, said Gicl, “Austria first”. He promised to provide relief to the people so that families do not have to worry that wages and income tax and overtime assessment will also be considered. He wants Austria to have more farmers again and enough police officers “to take action while on duty in the streets”.

Vilimsky wants to clean up the EU

Heimbuchner called on people to go to the EU elections, “We have to be absolutely strong,” he demanded, “Harry, clean up Europe.” The culmination of the election will be in the fall. It is important that you vote for the central government and become a strong party yourself so that you can no longer go beyond the FPÖ.

Wilimski sees plenty of work in a super-election year,” on June 9 van der Leyen Number two and three are to drive the Austrian federal government out of office Mario Kunacek He should be made State Governor in Styria. Cooperation in Europe is not a bad thing, it's about exchanging people and “building a line,” the EU's top candidate said.

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