“Gross got away with it too”

die Hohensalzburg Castle stops, water continues to flow through the salsac. “Now we all do Communist“, he says Taxpayer RichardWaiting for travelers at Makartplatz on Monday. “The Cross people survived that too.”

What happened? who was last in power ÖVP has become Salzburg Halfway through, the SPÖ is – again – in first place KPÖ Plus A little behind. and in Secondary election I am Palm Sunday Find the color red Bernhard Aunger (SPÖ) and dark red K Michael Dongle (KPÖ Plus). Much of the conversation takes place in Salzburg, including the election results between taxi driver Richard and his colleague Elisabeth.

KPÖ plus's problems are primarily for them youth Related, says the 60-year-old. “I have an apartment, and it won't be cheap for me.” He did not hide the fact that he did not vote for either of the two red candidates, but he will still go to the second election.

Nina and Lisa discussed the election results while walking on Linserkass on Monday.

For the second round of elections

“Everything is open there,” agrees his colleague. She never imagined that the pendulum would swing so far to the left. And ecstatic Andrea StroblThe German works in a Salzburg hotel Receptionist.

Having lived in Austria for 20 years, he is happy to be able to vote in local council elections here. “That Voter turnout is very low “I think it's sad,” he clarifies. She is happy with the result – although she did not expect the victory of the KPÖ plus. She doesn't believe Dankel will become mayor: “It's Salzburg again.”

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It is an issue everywhere, including elections Sausage stand Opposite the Mirabel Palace, things soon turned completely different Political conditions prevail. Robert Trumpitch Assists the operator in minor tasks. A native of Carinthia has become a Salzburger.

K-Michael Dankel's fan: “He's perfect for me.” Although he is good with Bernhard Aunger: “Both are good.” Now what does he expect? “Nothing, but I hope it gets better.” What?” It was Pioneer (former ÖVP mayor, note) Run away, the bathroom is deserted, the currently under construction train station garage is crazy.

After the Salzburg election:

Hailing from Carinthia, he is a fan of K-Michael Tangel.

Not much going on at the sausage stand. Also included Lincergas prevail busy and more supply traffic. A Porsche is parked in a pedestrian zone – but there's no sign of a charge. Two young mothers, Nina and Lisa, walk with their strollers.

After the Salzburg election:

Salzburg's Hedwig Schuster knows who she will vote for in Palm Sunday's runoff.

“Die Child care There is one in town Disaster. It's one of Aunger's topics and we hope things get better soon.” Lisa will be there. Thank you for the secondary election Pick: “He has integrity and stands by what he says. He is well known in Salzburg, I know him since my university days.” Her friend Nina adds: “I'm still not sure who I'm voting for. I'll make it dependent on the planned S-Link regional light rail system. I don't like how Avunger rejected it so early.” Fresh, fresh air feels good — and necessary.

“To each his own,” summarizes the pensioner Hedwig Schuster The failure of the ÖVP. “I don't really like anybody,” he says – but he's definitely going to a second election in two weeks. He will vote for “Aunger who campaigned for cinema tickets for senior citizens”.

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“It's good to be in the tank”

In the “Salzburger Schatzkammer”, a shop with many antiques, the owner waits for a delivery.

In the state elections, he attributed many of the votes to the Communists to the opposition electorate, and he wonders if this is reflected in Salzburg. “If you look at issues like high housing and energy costs not only in Salzburg but across the EU, the election result is a logical reaction. Dankl has one A moving train jumped.”

He concludes: “I am 100 per cent for Aunger in the second election, but Dankel is better.”

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