Heinz Hoenig leaves the wild camp

SActor Heinz Hoenig surprisingly left the jungle camp on Tuesday. This was announced by RTL. “Forest is a tough challenge for everyone. Heinz Hoenig performed well for almost two weeks. Today our medical team decided to evacuate him from the camp as a precautionary measure. “Heinz Hoenig is doing well and is with his family,” the statement said. “I'm a star – get me out of here!” RTL wanted to explain everything else live from 10:15 pm on the reality show.

One of the first guards of German actors, 72-year-old “Das Boot” star Hoenig was the season's oldest and most prominent participant. Although he stayed pretty much in the background in the first few days, Honig has come out really strong lately. For example, he taught his fellow campers “molding,” an acting and speaking exercise.

After previously being banned for health reasons, the camp elder recently took part in his first jungle trial. During the food test, the 72-year-old, along with much younger reality stars Fabio Ness, 30, and Mike Heider, 31, spooned up ice cream flavors with fly larvae and pureed mouse tails. In the end it was seven out of nine stars.

Now seven C-celebs still have a chance to win the crown in the jungle next Sunday. Former soccer player David Odonkor, “Germany's Next Top Model” candidate Anya Elsner and fashion designer Sarah Kern were thrown by the audience. Former racing driver Cora Schumacher voluntarily left the camp.

Hönig is known among others for Dieter Wedel's major TV multi-part series “The King of St. Paul” and “The Shadow Man”, but has recently been seen repeatedly in the ZDF ship series “Das”. Tramschiff”.

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