Hörbranz is preparing for a possible exit

And persevere heavy rain It’s Friday Vorarlberg Fire Department placed in doubt. In the evening, the number of trips rose to 130 after things remained relatively calm till afternoon.

The area was particularly affected labeling, which accounts for most fire service operations. In Hörbranz According to the fire department control center, preparations are being made for a possible evacuation.

Lieblach: The level continues to rise

The water level of the Leibloch, the border river between Vorarlberg and Germany, continues to cause concern. “After midnight, the water level continued to rise,” said a spokesman for the fire control center in Vorarlberg when asked by APA.

Dam evaluation is in progress and the largest pumps available in the country are in use at Harbrons. “Everything is at gunpoint.” Meanwhile, the Red Cross is preparing evacuation rooms.

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135 liters of rain per square meter

Most of the operations involved water entering the buildings. State Security Councilor Christian Kantner (ÖVP) said the heavy rain would continue until Saturday morning.

In the exposed areas in the north of the country, 100 liters of rain per square meter within 24 hours was 135 liters on the Hörbranz in Leiblactal or the local mountain of Bregenz. The water level of Lake Constance rose by 25 centimeters in one day to 435 centimeters. This means the water level is half a meter higher than a year ago, but still 25 centimeters below the value of two years of flooding.

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While almost all rivers – Rhine or Ill – have raised their average water levels, Leaplock was “excessive”. The gauge points recorded extreme floods for the border river, which occur only once in 100 to 300 years. Accordingly, precautionary measures were taken and sandbags were filled in the leeblock. Many buildings were preserved. Communities and emergency services were on alert.

In addition to the north of the country – the Lake Constance region and the Lower Rhine Valley – Bregenzerwald and Kleinwalsertal also received a lot of rain. In these regions, 100 liters of rain per square meter could fall by late Saturday morning, Kantner said in the afternoon. The State Council warned that minor flooding, stormwater runoff, landslides or debris flows are possible across the country depending on the rainfall cells.

The Rhine foothills were closed for safety reasons

For safety reasons, the normally accessible Rhine foothills – which are the floodplains of the Alpine Rhine – were closed from Lustena to the mouth of the Rhine.

The ban was said to be lifted on Saturday. Road closures affected the Ford at Dornbirn and Lochar Strasse (L18) between Lochau and Harbrans.

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