In the footsteps of Princess Kate

The Windsor Farm Shop car park is full. Surprisingly good on a weekday morning. “But no,” says the waiter at a nearby coffee house, but avoids his gaze. “It's the same as always.” But some regulars like 39-year-old Evie see it differently. “There aren't many cars here in a week,” says the Briton.

So maybe a few Brits were interested. Windsor Farm Park meat, apple juice from Sandringham Gardens or Royal English breakfast tea are sold here. But perhaps the most popular video of the year was recorded here last Saturday.

Next to Prince William is a smiling Princess Kate in a black tracksuit and her hair down as she saunters out of the farmer's market with shopping bags in hand.

It was the first public appearance of the princess, albeit not an official one, since rumors erupted about her well-being after stomach surgery in January. And the first photo since the much-discussed Mother's Day photo from March 10.

Working with the paparazzi

So royal visitors are now headed to the royal town of Windsor, an hour west of London, which is home not only to the royal residence, Windsor Castle, but also to Adelaide Cottage. The country estate where Prince William and Princess Catherine lived with their three children for two years.

The small town is currently so sought-after that American Kristen uses her seven-hour layover in England for a quick visit.

Shop with royal farmers: in the footsteps of Princess Kate

She didn't even expect to catch a glimpse of Kate. But friends in Chicago hang on their every word. “Many Americans are maddened by rumors surrounding Kate.”

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The amateur video of Kate shopping was so explosive for fans not only in the UK, but around the world, that the British tabloid Sun was willing to ignore the “gentleman's agreement”, as royal expert Rob Jobson calls it – and print a paparazzi picture. . Since the death of Lady Diana, the former Princess of Wales, in August 1997, the British media has refrained from actually doing so. So the first snapshot of Kate with her mother in the black Audi was not used by any English media in early March.

Did it help?

Although Kensington Palace wanted the video not to be released, royal correspondent Chris Shipp on ITV's The Royal Rota podcast explains: “Given they were in a very public place, a farm shop. Knowing that people could pull their cellphones over here, they seemed fine once they saw it. May know.

Perhaps, Rob Jobson added at a press conference in London, Sun did the royal family a favor: “Otherwise the rumors would have persisted.”

Doubts continue for fans

Only they do anyway. Yep, that's not Kate, and the calls from fans got louder and louder this week. It was described on social media as a body double. Denials from Kate lookalike Heidegger (“I was at work at the time,” she explained to the Mirror), or Farm Shop photographer Nelson Silva's assurances that he had seen Kate could not change that. Or Kate's neighbor Kevin Peterson's annoying comments at X that William and Kate see each other “most days and the last few days.”

Shop with royal farmers: In the footsteps of Princess Kate

At least the staff at Windsor Farm Park have been trained by management not to give out any information. “I can't say anything about it,” says the seller at checkout. “I was on vacation last week.” The waiter at the coffee house walks away before you can ask anything else. However, employees are now particularly wary due to the recent scandal. Three staff at the London Clinic, a private hospital where Kate was treated in January, are being investigated. Because they may have tried to access the princess's private medical files.

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“People are very interested!” Alison Burgess shakes her head. He, who lives in Windsor, hopes the rumors will die down next Sunday. Easter Mass is held at St. George's Church. The princess may again regularly participate in it.

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